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TV Review: THE NIGHT MANAGER: Season 1, Episode 6 [AMC]

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AMC’s The Night Manager Episode 6 TV Show Review. The Night Manager: Episode 6 delivered a spectacular finale to a great spy story as Jonathan Pine’s (Tom Hiddleston) mission came to a close. Not many series can close out on a high note, but this one managed to do just that. After six weeks of gripping storytelling, Susanna Bier got to end the miniseries on her own terms without leaving any traces behind plot wise and bringing John Le Carre’s espionage story to a satisfying end.

The final episode opened with Jonathan Pine arriving to the place where the start of the series began, at the Queen Nefertiti Hotel in Cairo. Arriving with Richard Roper (Hugh Laurie) and his entourage, Pine must watch his back as Roper continues to suspect those close to him. It may be too late for our resident spy, as the illegal arms dealer has already found out who betrayed him. Roper even figured out that his girlfriend Jed (Elizabeth Debicki) is involved somehow after realizing that his documents have been stolen from his safe. Richard tried to torture Jed into revealing whom she’s helping take him down. This left Jed in an injured and terrified state after what Roper has done to her.

It was a matter of time before Roper figured out that Pine was behind everything. Even though it took six episodes for him to find out the truth, the suspense kept building into whether Roper knew that Pine was the traitor. It seemed like Pine and Jed’s open flirtations may have raised some red flags where everyone was noticing them, including Roper. Roper was already suspicious of Jed, which is why he sends her friend Caroline to spy on her. The show had many opportunities for Roper to find out what’s going on, but at least rather than having him figure it out immediately, the tension continued to build. Even Pine had fears in his eyes when Freddie Hamid showed up and was afraid he would expose him.

However, Jonathan Pine was able to outsmart his enemy in order to make sure that Roper doesn’t get away scot-free. Tom Hiddleston has proven once again that he owns this role by playing both sides as this vulnerable but manipulative covert operative. Viewers saw how Tom got all caught up in his vengeance for his dead lover Sophie after killing Freddie Hamid, the man who murdered her. We got to learn how Sophie ended up killed when she was exposed by Roper for knowing too much about his business. With this knowledge, Roper hired one of his men to finish her in order to save his business. Pine gets one step ahead of him when he steals $300 million from him so he can stop Roper from selling illegal weapons.

In one of Hugh Laurie’s most dramatic scenes, Richard finds out that he is about to get more into trouble and headed back to the hotel to trade Jed for $300 million. Instead, we find out that Jed isn’t even under Roper’s care. That’s because Pine’s handler Angela Burr (Olivia Colman) was able to save her from captivity and forced Roper’s hand after exposing his crimes. On top of that, she assures Roper that he won’t be getting any help from his government friends after threatening to expose their involvement with his dealings. Olivia Colman continues to impress us with her brilliant performance of a strong woman in a male-dominated workplace. Angela seems to have forgiven herself for the kids who died under her watch after catching Roper, the man responsible for those deaths.

The series came to a satisfying conclusion with Roper and his group getting exactly what they deserve. Jonathan and Jed do get their happy ending in a way with the two of them sharing some final moments together before Jed heads back to her son. Seeing Angela smile as Roper is taken away by his partners was good enough to end the series. The story was told the way it was suppose to and it shows.

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