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TV Review: OUTLANDER: Season 2, Episode 2: Not in Scotland Anymore [Starz]

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Starz’s Outlander Not in Scotland Anymore TV Show Review. Outlander: Season 2, Episode 2: Not in Scotland Anymore introduced more humor into the series than had previously been present. There were three such moments of note: the troubled maid, the introduction of Louise de Rohan (Claire Sermonne), and the introduction of the King Louis XV of France (Lionel Lingelser). The maid being upset that she had no work to do was humorous, Louise de Rohan’s first scene on the series was outrageous, and King Louis’ intro and bowel audience was strange and chuckle-worthy.

It is a special type of servant, the hard-working, ingrained type, that actually seeks out work to do when none is present. That is the type of servant that Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe) had, beneath that servant’s befuddled veneer. Louise de Rohan is probably the most interesting new female character on the series this season (digression begins – there are not many actresses that would be that liberal with their bodies on camera. At first the viewer thought that Louise was not naked but that was the farthest from the truth. Unlike Emilia Clarke, not all actresses find on-screen nudity abhorrent when it ameliorates a portrayal and is a provocative part of the narrative – digression ends), though the delectable mystery surrounding Mary Hawkins (Rosie Day) may prove to be a serious plot point if my narrative nose is accurate. If the ‘medication’ that Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) prescribed King Louis is effective, the once constipated king may find himself in Jamie’s debt, a circumstance that may aid Jamie in Claire’s anti-Jacobite conspiracy.

The Duke of Sandringham (Simon Callow) is completely unaware of the horror he caused by his betrayal. If Claire were to tell him, The Duke would have immediately thrown himself at Claire’s feet (like-wise with Jamie) and begged for her forgiveness. To Claire’s credit, she still would not have forgiven him. The Duke couldn’t be forgiven because he knew the type of person Captain Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall was and latter actions were completely within those bounds. The Duke had the power to stop Black Jack once and for all and decided against it for undisclosed reasons. Claire’s bellicose nature made The Duke, who could have gone either way during their reunion, into an enemy. People during that time period lived by their word, reputation, and honor. The Duke broke his word, ignored Jack’s reputation, and showed that his honor could be purchased.

Annalise de Marillac (Margaux Châtelier)’s possessed the second best female entrance of the episode, intriguing all that saw her as she showed an amorous familiarity with Jamie. The viewer may have never seen Claire as close to jealously as she was as she watched Jamie and Annalise reacquaint themselves. From what Annalise said, it was obvious that Jamie’s past was broader and more colorful than Claire could have imagined.

Not in Scotland Anymore strove to show the difference in cultures and mentalities between Paris and Scotland (the primary location of last season). The first differential was with Claire’s housemaid. The second was with the combat practice between Jamie and Murtagh Fraser (Duncan Lacroix) that occurred in a park with patrician Parisians gawking at the sight of it (dueling had been banned in Paris). Though putting on airs to the latter, the Parisians were shown not to be above amiably watching a blood sport unfold right before their eyes.

Not in Scotland Anymore was not shy about portraying physical femininity in all its glory. When the King’s mistress was introduced (the third best female entrance of the episode), Madame Nesle de la Tourelle (Kimberly Smart), the viewer got to see more of her than one might have been expected, especially in such a high-brow party (though apparently, this very situation is featured in Dragonfly in Amber).

Regarding the future, when Jamie learns that Black Jack is still alive, Claire’s anti-Jacobite plan will become secondary to him. Jamie will want to sneak back into Scotland and kill Black Jack once and for all. I do not know why Claire or Jamie thought Black Jack was dead. He was knocked unconscious multiple times during the first season, always to return again, like an awakening phoenix from slumber. Why did they think the jailbreak knockout was any different, especially to someone as resilient as Jack?

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