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TV Review: PREACHER: Season 1, Episode 6: Sundowner [AMC]

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AMC‘s Preacher Sundowner TV Show Review. Preacher, Season 1, Episode 6: ‘Sundowner,’ started with a little bit of Legion, and a little bit of Terminator, but with some GTA: Heaven & Hell thrown in – just to make the resulting carnage as much depraved fun as having ‘extra lives’ to your violent gaming experience allows.

The first 12 minutes of ‘Sundowner’ may have made up for the last 3 complete episodes – at least in terms of pacing, and… well, wild, wacky, wet-works fun. If there was a downside to it all, it was that maybe my sympathies towards Angels-at-large, DeBlanc & Fiore (Anatol Yusef, Tom Brooke), took a slight hit. I was left kinda wanting to see them die a bit more often – and only slightly feeling bad for it. Entertainment people really ought to be more responsible about how fun they make their violence.

That fun (and familiar bodies count) continued for a bit after (plus one), but there had to be a come down, at some point. With one last Pulp Fiction reference, that came in the form of a little bonding time – Jesse (Dominic Cooper) & Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) on one side, Tulip (Ruth Negga) & Emily (Lucy Griffiths) on the other, with enough left over for ‘Arseface’ Eugene (Ian Colletti) to get a taste of the normal social life.

The Jesse & Cass session was pretty much just Jesse getting on the same page Cass has been on (maybe even ghost writing) up till the diner meet. As much as Eugene’s improved social standing screamed “trap” at me (damn you for life, Admiral Ackbar), the real trouble was that he came to appreciate it for what it really was: a consequence of the Preacher. Frankly, that outcome landed with more impact than the trap idea that was deliberately floated.

The coming together of ‘Jesse’s Girls’ (due as much to Emily not practicing Castle Doctrine, as it was to Tulip’s guilt, over a disagreeable bit of impulse control loss) may have been the weak link, to it all (at the very least, it didn’t leave their relations at a hostile meet on a toilet seat); but their bonding did serve a purpose, ultimately – if clueing in Cass (as to whom the special someones of Tulip & Jesse were, respectively) gets us one step closer to the band (I hereby dub ‘Genesis’) getting together. In any case, Jesse was left the only one clueless about being a point to their triangle; but Jesse’s state of preoccupation had been understandably expanded some.

It occurred to me that the whole matter boiled down to DeBlanc & Fiore insisting on Jesse having an abortion, and Jesse opting to “keep it” as a matter of principle. Sure, there was no carrying to term option in mind; yes, there was an overly conspicuous PA loudspeaker, set up for the masses; and I’m pretty sure Jesse has been somewhat under the influence of his condition. The problem was that Jesse had a better understanding of what it was he wanted to accomplish with it, than of what he could inflict with it.

It seems the only other person (besides Donnie, and outside of Jesse’s tribute band) with some real idea of what’s been going on has been Eugene; and thanks to his own simplistic honesty flying in the face of Jesse’s vision, Eugene was left… not around, anymore, to dissent.

I’m not sure if Miles (Ricky Mabe) had any real idea of his own (while dealing with a product of Jesse’s work – according to Donnie); but at some point, more local consequences to Jesse’s Baby will start piling up – hopefully setting him straight, before he inspires a couple hundred more to good intentions.

– Or not. I’ll be the first to admit that the Angel brawl left me with a taste for escalation. So now I’m left hoping that Jesse will be willing to go to Hell & back, to right some well intended wrongs, but maybe after officially kicking off the ‘Genesis’ tour, first (sorry, Eugene).

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