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TV Review: PREACHER: Season 2, Episode 11: Backdoors [AMC]

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Preacher: Backdoors Review

AMC‘s Preacher, Season 2, Episode 11: ‘Backdoors,’ didn’t escalate last episode’s depravity – or even double down on it – but did move things forward. The fact that this was done in part by revisiting old element tid-bits gave that movement enough momentum to keep things interesting – the conclusion likely to give even the most restless viewer something to look forward to.

A further glimpse into Jesse’s (Dominic Cooper) background added an extra layer of inevitability to the Cowboy reveal; but it was really the previous episode’s Grail activities that made it a done deal.

In the meantime, we had to get through some of the fallout from those activities. Two thirds of the God Squad hung up their spurs, having had enough of Jesse’s galloping with blinders on; but a yapping epiphany cut the mutiny short, for a spell. Jess finally caught on to one of the many clues that have been hidden in plain sight, regarding his dogged pursuit.

Since a dog spelled backwards waits for no man, this resulted in more face time with Herr Starr (Pip Torrens). The payoff, this time around (besides Starr getting another suppository dose of Genesis), was a little more on a previous name drop, and location. Considering how Viktor panned out, and where the Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) & Denis (Ronald Guttman) thing is headed, I’m actually expecting more from Jesse’s mystery history than any of the other backstories.

Speaking of backstories, reigning douche of Hell, Tyler (Justin Prentice), took a premature celebratory tour of Hitler’s (Noah Taylor) Hell-Loop, with Eugene (Ian Colletti). With the authorities closing in on the one good apple, this was another exercise in justifying Hitler’s re-occurring role; but useful in getting Eugene’s thread moving, again.

While I don’t have a problem with humanizing Hitler, it did bug me a bit that someone else had to scapegoated in his place. His Hell-loop ‘origin’ story was practically a retelling of the old it’s-all-Eve’s-fault canon. I did get the point of the loop, from day one, however; so I appreciated it as a precursor, to the guy putting some of the old Fuhrer furor into his aiding Eugene.

Speaking of things infernal: despite all the demystification on display, I’d figure heat resistance – regarding objects from a place best known as an eternal, living inferno – would’ve occurred to Tulip (Ruth Negga), in her attempt to salvage the Cowboy situation. Then again, the legalities of shipping firearms didn’t come up, either; but we all knew where the Grail contingency was going, so that futility was inevitable.

The Tulip Garden corner of that contingency did leave me wondering about Featherstone (Julie Ann Emery) & Hoover (Malcolm Barrett), however. They’re dedicated to their craft, sure enough; but I can’t help but wonder how much of it is professional devotion, and how much just fanatical psychosis. Whatever the mixture, it’s the kind of question that holds interest.

Their fatalistic dynamic with Starr helps even more; but Jesse’s parting act of Genesis abuse (with the secretary – not Herr Starr) left a question of just how soul-sucking is that work environment – another point of further interest.

‘Backdoors’ wasn’t the riotous follow through, to last episode’s supposed set-up, that I had hoped for; but was intriguing & eventful enough to not be a disappointment. I’d say keeping Starr & Co. around, and cutting short the usual God Squad squabble helped, in that regard; but when the final scene has that much promise, I can look past having to get through a pair of promise episodes, before another payoff.

Still waiting for that mayhem, over here; but not running out of patience, just yet.

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