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TV Review: RAY DONOVAN: Season 3, Episode 2: Ding [Showtime]

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Showtime’s Ray Donovan Ding TV Show Review. Ray Donovan: Season 3, Episode 2: Ding saw many key people in this season of the series getting a reality check, some in more harsh ways than others. The bathroom threat was where Paige Finney (Katie Holmes)’s scheming met with a stark reality that she was unaccustomed to encountering. Engineering other people’s physical injuries is one thing, becoming a victim of it yourself is another story entirely, a narrative she had no wish to be part of in the least.

Paige was neophyte to Ray’s world and was visibly shaken by what he had to say. The opposite side of what she had previously engineered had come knocking and it bore the name comeuppance.

United States Navy S.E.A.L. Carl Lafell (Wolé Parks)’s monologue about why he wouldn’t take Paige Finney’s money built his personality and his character better than any other new person in the Ray Donovan universe this season. Ray Donovan doesn’t have many principled characters, especially ones that would turn down a free $500K check. It seemed that Ray didn’t even want to talk the S.E.A.L. into the money but he had a job to do. Pride is one thing Ray Donovan (Liev Schreiber) related to the S.E.A.L., security is another.

Terry Donovan (Eddie Marsan)’s accumulation to prison was the moment many viewers had been waiting for in Ding.

With Terry’s boxing background, it was only a matter of time before it was utilized in a defensive manner (and to make his prison stay more entertaining for the viewer). Ray Donovan‘s writers wasted little time in Ding. As an objective viewer of Ray Donovan, I never thought Terry was stupid. Terry was always Ray’s foil, his complete opposite e.g. moral. He was the stable conscience in the Donovan family. Fighting back against the Aryan Brotherhood in a closed environment could not have a good outcome. Terry reacted out of reflex (I have no doubt), there was no thought behind his actions (which is why it was unwise). What Terry did afterwards (during Round 2) was not reflexive, it was rage. Rage about imprisonment, his Parkinson’s Disease, losing Ireland, losing a large portion of his self-respect, a multitude of things. Oh, and being referred to by some of the inmates as “Ding.”

A drug dealer taught Edward Norton a very important lesson in 25th Hour before Norton went to prison for seven years. To paraphrase: “Beat up a guy the first day or week in prison, someone with no friends. This would set a tone with the other inmates – Don’t mess with this guy. Find a different target.”

Terry was never taught that lesson (since Mickey spent decades in prison, this was very strange) or ignored the advise. Terry should have let his opponent win. He could have made it look good but he should have let him win. There is no way the Brotherhood is going to let the murder of one its members slide. Terry is a marked man. Maybe the Brotherhood was right. Terry is a “Ding” (if “Ding” refers to someone unintelligent).

One question: did United States Prison Guards really but a prisoner in “The Hole” with multiple stab wounds that were unattended to?

The coke / prostitute scheme Mickey Donovan (Jon Voight) and Daryll Donovan (Pooch Hall) began in Ding got them into bed with criminals their former riches should have gotten them away from. An interesting fact came out of their new wheeling and dealing. Darrel spent part of his track win fortune on a $70k car.

Aside: Dumb. Why not lease the car and retain more of your liquidity?

Back on topic: Like I spoke of in the Season 3 premiere review, Daryll Donovan was never supposed to keep his money. The narrative of the show needed him (and Mickey Donovan) to be destitute again. That desperation led to the coke / prostitute move by the both of them in Ding (and the hilarious business discussion at the Shirley Temple movie audition).

Bunchy Donovan (Dash Mihok) and Teresa (Alyssa Diaz)’s blossoming ‘relationship’ was something that the viewer didn’t see coming. Bunchy’s mental state, because of his abuse, has rendered him susceptible to outside forces. Teresa must have picked up on some queue that Bunchy could be dominated or wanted to be dominated. The outfit that she wore in the bathroom could not be Luchadora but if not, how has something like that just seating around? Regardless of its origin, Bunchy liked it. That’s for sure.

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