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TV Review: SILK: Season 3, Episode 3 [BBC]

Silk Season 3 Episode 3

BBC’s Silk Season 3 Episode 3 TV Show Review. Silk: Season 3, Episode 3 is some truly hard-hitting television drama that combines the cold professionalism of the work of the lawyer with an example of a brutal court case. It is a wonderful mixture of reality and skilful writing that provides for a thrilling and ultimately emotionally powerful viewing experience.

The cinematography of Silk is gorgeous to behold, the performances are solid and the writing is exceptional. The show has a unique, subtle style that represents everything at a very low key note and once the hard-hitting drama kicks in we feel it in its full power.

This episode deals with a very disturbing case in which a mother has apparently helped her child die in the middle of a horrible medical condition. The case and the legal battle in the court take us through numerous intense, dramatic and ultimately devastating moments. The cruelty of the tragedy collides with the emotionless regime of the court and the levels of the dramatic tension rise uncontrollably.

On one hand we have this devastating story and we sympathize with the victims. On the other we have this brilliant lawyer who cares more about winning the case than being humane even if all she aims for is the righteous, moral outcome. The search for justice costs many painful moments and this conflict turns Silk’s third episode into a real masterpiece.

It reminds me of Line of Duty in the way it uses reality, knowledge of that reality and good fictional writing. However, if this show is called Silk, Line of Duty should be ‘Iron’ or ‘Rock.’ Silk is smooth because outside the court and the heavy-hearted drama it plays almost like an ironic comedy with its unconventional, indifferent score and the light-hearted performances. It gives you a nostalgic feeling that the characters are happy people or at least they could have been if they weren’t involved in such a dark job, connected with so much pain.

The images are so beautiful and slick, the performances are subtle and solid and the drama hits you just as accessibly. While Line of Duty for instance throws one dramatic beat after another at you methodically as a cop following protocol, Silk allows you to slide calmly but unstoppably through its intense, emotional moments. The show is just like the protagonist-unpredictable but as orderly and stylish as possible.

The great moments are innumerable. Some might be hit by the drama and others might be hit by the thrilling race towards victory in the court. Either way, once that trial begins and continues ceaselessly, you won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen. The whole court battle continues for more than forty minutes, so you are bound to have quite a good time. It gets more brutal and brutal and the best moments catch you completely by surprise.

You will immediately feel that this is a great show at the moment when our protagonist is caught off guard and she says in the middle of the case to her assistant: ‘Don’t ever try what I will do now’ This is a simply badass thing to say in the middle of a case which is connected to a mother ending the life of her own child. So apart from being beautiful and subtle, Silk is above all else, especially in Episode 3, fully moving as a Shakespearean drama and yet unquestionably cool as a deadly assassin.

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