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TV Review: SILK: Season 3, Episode 5 [BBC]

Silk Season 3 Episode 5

BBCs Silk Season 3 Episode 5 TV Show Review. Silk: Season 3, Episode 5 sets the mood for the conclusion of the series quite skilfully although the creation of a cliff-hanger robs the episode out of its individual qualities. In Episode 5 Silk remains the subtle, brilliantly written, wonderfully low-key dramatic series that inspire us with the wit of the characters and the enchanting tension of the court battle. The penultimate episode of season 3 offers a case which is very tightly connected with our protagonist (Maxine Peake) and proves to be her greatest challenge yet. The rest of the characters are also rounded up in a drama of their own, which proves to be a nice intense background subplot. The episode’s tension and drama rises uncontrollably as the episode nears its end until we are left with a stunning cliff-hanger. Silk will end in spectacular fashion but the memory from this episode could have been perhaps better.

The acting is awesome again and the writing is as subtle and charismatic as ever. Every single character gets you interested from enthusiastic young lawyers to old spiritually broken one. As always the episode starts off slowly and is at times on the verge to bore you but the writing just doesn’t allow it. It’s nimble and incredibly smart and it doesn’t fall in the cliché trap of constant jokes. Silk manages to convey a very specific feeling, which is neither too dark, nor humorous-it provides you with the sense of seriousness and yet self-confidence that lawyers are experiencing.

All of these characters are smarter than you and you can feel it while you are watching. If there is any downside to the writing in Episode 5 it is certainly the fact that the stress is more on the supporting characters. In all honesty, we would like to stay more time with Peake’s character-she is the most cold-blooded one, the smartest one, the most intense one and when the episode takes short but constant trips to lesser character (not uninteresting ones, but definitely not as good) I couldn’t help but feeling let down at least a bit.

The main central conflict of the episode is quite intriguing because it questions the efficiency of the main character-someone who has proven herself in the last four episodes as the epitome of undefeatable lawyer. Here she is challenged in multiple ways-by an unreliable, unpredictable defendant, by a deep emotional connection with him and most of all because all evidence seem to point out that what she seems to believe in is wrong. With her intense performance and the superb direction towards the end of the episode our doubt rises and so does the dramatic tension. All odds are against her and the conclusion of the episode pushes the odds to the limit in deed.

It would have been perfect if the episode had a conclusion of its own but then again as it happens in every BBC show recently, the penultimate episode has to end with a question leading up to the last episode in order for the season to end with a bang. That being, said there have been better episodes of Silk in this season. It felt at the end that despite the marvelous ways in which our protagonist is opposing the odds, that the drama just wasn’t enough this time around and if it was something was holding it back. Whatever the problems were with Episode 5, you can be sure that Episode 6 will make up for them.

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