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TV Review: SUPERGIRL: Season 1, Episode 2: Stronger Together [CBS]

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CBS’s Supergirl Stronger Together TV Show Review. Supergirl Season 1, Episode 2: Stronger Together has made some improvements from the pilot, offering some great developments, great special effects, and some strong emotions. The episode addresses some issues with the responsibilities of being a superhero like living a double life and being reliable for city damages. The episode handled all these problems with ease through dialogues and some training montages.

Melissa Benoist has proven that she has what it takes to lead a show. It is her irresistible appeal that lures audiences to watch her scenes unfold on screen. The episode does a brilliant job building up Supergirl as this new hero who is still learning the ropes of becoming her city’s protector. It was great that we were able to see Kara as this new hero who hasn’t used her powers in a while and in need of some training. We see a lot of heroes already getting the gist of becoming a costumed crime fighter. However, we see that Kara still has a lot to learn after watching her try to pull off a big rescue, but ended up causing an oil spill. Much of the episode was the total opposite of the pilot, where Supergirl had to prove to herself that she could be the hero she wants to be rather than proving it to everybody else.

We saw some pretty strong emotional scenes in the episode, most of which involved Kara learning more about what happened after Krypton’s destruction and the reappearance of her evil aunt Astra (Laura Benanti). The show manages to keep the Superman mythology intact as it become essential in this series. The scene where Kara speaks with an A.I. version of her dead mother can bring you to tears, especially when she knows that this isn’t her actual mother speaking to her. Kara carries the burden of remembering Krypton and her loved ones there, something that Superman doesn’t have. It seems like this is something that the show will play around with in the next couple of episodes.

There were also some great character developments with James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) and Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart). Supergirl’s version of Jimmy is shown as this career-driven man who is looking to make a name for himself without having to rely on Superman. It explains so much about where he’s coming from with his move from Metropolis to National City. He shares some similar qualities to Kara, like how they don’t feel that they are living up to their potential because they are living in Superman’s shadow. Making them have this trait in common works for the show, especially if there would be some romance developing between the two.

With Cat, we learn more about her agenda on why she is interested in getting the scoop on Supergirl. Cat sees herself in Supergirl, showing some profound respect for the young hero and her motivation to reach the top in a world that has been primarily dominated by her famous cousin. We even got to learn a bit on her background like how she started out as Perry White’s assistant, which was a nice reference to the Superman mythos.

Speaking of references, the show makes many mentions to the Man of Steel by name. Not only that, but we also get to hear the names of Lois Lane, Clark Kent, and a quick mention on the Fortress of Solitude. Kryptonite was also introduced in the episode along with a glimpse at Maxwell Lord (Peter Facinelli) and a tease at Hank Henshaw’s (David Harewood) road to villainy. It’s great to see that there are all these potential storylines waiting to be explored to keep us invested in the show as they build up Supergirl’s world.

The weakest part of the episode was General Astra and her army of Fort Rozz escapees. While the theatrical repercussions of Kara clashing against her aunt was powerful, Astra’s motives for taking over National City are still vague. Laura Benanti doesn’t make a convincing villain and acts more like a cheap evil mastermind than a sophisticated villainess. Even the DEO’s involvement didn’t help. Their scenes were just things we’ve seen before compared to Supergirl’s strong moments.

The episode ‘Stronger Together’ improved upon the pilot and gave us so much more in performance. Kara remains to be the centerpiece that brings the show together along with great developments for characters like James and Cat. The action was entertaining and plenty of Easter eggs were lying around to make the episode fun for fans.

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