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TV Review: SUPERGIRL: Season 1, Episode 6: Red Faced [CBS]

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CBS’s Supergirl Red Faced TV Show Review. Supergirl Season 1, Episode 6: Red Faced introduced viewers to another villain in the DC mythos, Red Tornado. The villain of the week really brought on a strong episode for Kara (Melissa Benoist) as she continues to grow as a superhero. We also get some great scenes from Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) as we head into some uncharted territory. After last week’s fiasco, this was a huge improvement and it also has been the best episode so far in the series as Kara became the main focus as we see her evolve.

Melissa Benoist continues to shine in every episode, but this episode added a whole new perspective to Supergirl. Seeing Kara struggle between keeping her identity a secret and being Supergirl is the whole foundation of the mythology with her family. ‘Red Faced’ brought in a whole lot of deep emotions from Kara that she lets out and has a hard time controlling it.

This turning point all starts with the arrival of General Sam Lane (Glenn Morshower), who gets Supergirl to test out their military android Red Tornado made by Dr. T.O. Morrow, both played by Iddo Goldberg. Seeing Red Tornado in action worked out really well. It felt rushed as we didn’t get to go deep into Red Tornado’s sentience, plus Supergirl destroyed the robot into smithereens. Hopefully we will see him in the near future as the hero that we all remembered from the comics. Watching the fight ensue between Supergirl and Red Tornado was definitely the highlight of the episode. Their battle scenes in the desert were brilliant and felt almost cinematic. However, some of the battle sequences in the city looked clunky but it’s all done on a tight budget, which is understandable.

Kara’s stress dealing with Sam Lane, Lucy Lane (Jenna Dewan-Tatum), and Cat Grant got the better of her as she finally lost her temper. Just in an instant, we saw Kara finally standing up to Cat, which was a great moment in the episode, even though she later apologizes for her behavior. At least Cat didn’t bark back, as she gave a valuable life lesson to Kara and to Supergirl in some ways. It was sweet to see the two bonding over drinks as Cat offers some advice to Kara on learning to channel her anger and use it to her advantage. Even the boxing scene was a brilliant moment as this was the first time we experience Kara letting loose and releasing all that fury that has been hidden inside of her.

It’s great that the writers are giving this mix of emotions into Kara, which Benoist pulls off really well. That last battle with her using heat vision on Red Tornado was a powerful moment for her as we see this ferocity and aggression out in the open. It was painful to watch, but it turned into an emotional journey for Kara going from knocking out an android to controlling her rage in a constructive manner.

Cat also went through some changes as we meet her unbearable mother Katherine (Joan Juliet Buck). Those scenes with Cat and Katherine opened our eyes on what made Cat who she is now. It’s these little things that gives Cat some material to help develop a great character who has been clichéd in every way possible. Seeing Cat stand up to Katherine after insulting Kara showed the growing bond between boss and assistant. We hope to see more of that in the coming episodes.

James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) also had some great developments as we learned about his relationship with Lucy and her father still disapproving him as a good partner for his daughter. This really brings us back to the second episode when we learned that James is trying to move on from Superman and be his own man. However, with Lucy back in the picture, it appears that he won’t be able to do just that. This brings back James’ goals while also becoming more of an obstacle between James and Kara.

There were some weak points to the episode. Alex (Chyler Leigh) remains to be the weaker link in the series. Alex wasn’t given much to develop as a character even though the whole mystery with her father and Hank Henshaw (David Harewood) should keep us invested for a while. Maxwell Lord (Peter Facinelli) still doesn’t sit in as a potential villain despite his hidden agenda and his distrust in the government.

Overall, ‘Red Faced’ turned out to be a great episode that really dug into Kara’s psyche and forced her to face these hidden emotions head on. The episode really showed the hurdles that Kara faced and how she overcomes them. Mixed in with some action scenes, great moments with Cat, and some heart, this is by far the show’s strongest episode yet.

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