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TV Review: SUPERGIRL: Season 2, Episode 11: The Martian Chronicles [The CW]

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Supergirl: The Martian Chronicles Review

The CW’s Supergirl Season 2, Episode 11: ‘The Martian Chronicles’ was a great episode that mainly focused on both J’onn (David Harewood) and M’gann (Sharon Leal). It was also a standalone story that ended the subplot that began with M’gann as her regular appearance would end after this episode, or at least for the foreseeable future. It’s true that the show didn’t put enough attention in exploring the relationship between these two characters, but the episode did make up for it by delivering on action and emotions as we said goodbye to M’gann.

This week’s episode took place mainly at the DEO, which meant that it had to use a smaller cast and relied on drama and performances. When it came to the fight sequences, this week’s installment delivered one of the most impressive fights we’ve seen on the show so far. There were some amazing shots of the Green and White Martians as they fought each other inside the confines of the DEO. It made a great final showdown as Winn (Jeremy Jordan) was caught in the middle of it all while he tried to save National City from a citywide meltdown.

Keeping the episode inside the DEO also helped raise the scary elements during the hour. The conflict reminded us of The Thing when Armek and his comrade shapeshifted into some of Kara’s (Melissa Benoist) crew causing a panic within the group knowing that any one of them couldn’t be trusted. The episode paid a great deal of respect to the horror classic. There were some parts that were reminiscent of the film, especially with a shapeshifter on the loose. It worked to their advantage, even using some of the soldiers in the scenes to make it extra terrifying for viewers.

Seeing M’gann’s exit could’ve been dealt with differently. It all felt a bit too fast for us to say goodbye to Sharon Leal as the character. It was handled so suddenly since both J’onn and M’gann reconciled during last week’s episode. However, it does say a lot about M’gann’s arc this season. Leal gave it her best and it worked in the long run because of her screen presence and the emotions she put into Miss Martian. Her arc reached a satisfying end as she embraced the Green Martian within her despite her alien race. Seeing her emotional farewell to J’onn was a powerful moment to watch. These two deserved much more this season, but at least it ended strong.

Adding to Leal’s performance was David Harewood’s portrayal of J’onn during the episode. We have grown comfortable to J’onn being stern but concerned leader of the team. Harewood proved that he can play the bad guy as Hank Henshaw but his powerful moments was when we got to see J’onn’s vulernable side. There was so much of that this week and you suddenly feel J’onn’s loneliness when he loses the only link to his homeworld.

Another character who faced emptiness during the episode was Kara. The Girl of Steel faced some similar issues as she tried to repair her partnership with Mon-El (Chris Wood). Kara also tried to avoid being jealous of Alex (Chyler Leigh) as she spends more time with Maggie (Floriana Lima). The quarrel between the sisters felt unnatural with the writers using the idea of Earth Day as the reason for this rift. However, the subplot with Kara and Mon-El delivered some good developments during the hour. In some ways, Kara’s troubles were similar to J’onn’s in that both of them felt the sense of depression and looking to fill the holes in their heart with someone close to them.

It would’ve been great if the show had enough time to give us a little background into M’gann’s life on Mars. This would’ve been perfect to see her home life with ex-husband Armek (Terrell TIlford) before things got bad between them. We could’ve seen what made M’gann choose life rather than killing another alien race. But then again, it would be too much for a show that doesn’t have enough of a budget to use special effects to portray life on Mars. Despite that, it would’ve been good if they focused on their past for a bit.

‘The Martian Chronicles’ had us say goodbye to Miss Martian, which sucks but it shows the overall quality of the episode. The hour gave us some fun, horror-filled plot that delivered on the action and character drama. Despite the overly done sister act and the underdeveloped villain this week, Supergirl hit all the right notes during this week’s installment.

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