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TV Review: SUPERGIRL: Season 2, Episode 15: Exodus [The CW]

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Supergirl: Exodus Review

The CW’s Supergirl Season 2, Episode 15: ‘Exodus’ turned into something that is reflected from the state of politics that we are living in now. The show has a great way of tackling issues of immigration and racism by incorporating aliens living in National City. There’s constant panic from skeptics worrying about whether these aliens trying to take over their planet. It’s the same way with America as the country is facing a similar situation with the immigration ban. This week’s installment is very relevant to the times we are facing and it’s very well done.

The storyline with ‘Exodus’ is that Cadmus is trying to detain all the aliens living on Earth. The opening of the episode was a powerful one as we saw the lives of this normal alien family being taken away by the criminal organization just because they are not human. Aliens are being portrayed as the minority on this show, reminiscent to the many diverse people living here in the US. Even though this program is a superhero-type show, episodes like this certainly can relate to audiences. The show reminds us that everyone is striving for the American dream, a concept that Superman tackles so well.

The attacks made by Cadmus also have affected the storylines for both Kara (Melissa Benoist) and Alex (Chyler Leigh). Alex is still coming off her father Jeremiah’s (Dean Cain) betrayal and is going through some tough times. She is very focused on getting her father back, even if it means breaking a few rules. Chyler Leigh gave a great performance during this week’s episode. She uses all the rage from the character and puts it out on screen so effortlessly. Especially when J’onn (David Harewood) tests her commitment to the DEO, we can see her immediate reaction to that because she can’t deal with any more betrayals. Even then, Kara seems to agree with J’onn worrying about Alex’s state of mind.

Kara managed to keep things light in the episode by giving her boss Snapper Carr (Ian Gomez) the scoop with Supergirl in order to report on the alien kidnappings. It doesn’t go well for Kara, which resorts her into trying to publish the article herself, which could result in losing her job. During the episode, we see that both sisters are having the same problem. Both Danver sisters face the dilemma of whether they have to follow the rules or risk it all for the greater good. The show managed to explain that just following your gut doesn’t always work out. There we some consequences for the actions that both Kara and Alex took. They did save the aliens from being deported into space and Alex did get through to her father to do the right thing. However, it did come at a cost. Alex was almost about to end up lost in the universe. Kara gets it rough as she gets fired for choosing the story rather than following journalistic principles.

It was nice to see Alex and Jeremiah reunited as we found out that there’s still some good left in the patriarch of the Danvers family. We don’t know what happens to him, but Jeremiah does find some redemption for doing what’s right. We may even see Jeremiah again someday. Seeing Lillian (Brenda Strong) saying that Jeremiah is the only Superman they need was a nice nod to Cain’s time as the Man of Steel.

Another powerful moment was when Kara used her strength to stop the spaceship from leaving the planet along with her sister. The two sisters shared a big moment together with Kara screaming with all her might to push the ship back to Earth. There was a moment where we thought that Kara wouldn’t be able to save them. However, she came out victorious in the end and it didn’t weaken her powerful performance on screen.

With Kara out of the job, we are kind of curious to see where she goes from here as a journalist. Snapper does stand by his decision to fire her, and with good reason. Kara’s only source is herself as Supergirl, but it won’t always work for every story. She definitely crossed the line by publishing a story that was meant for CatCo. Perhaps this is a good thing for Kara and the show as CatCo is hardly ever used this season. Even if CatCo is shown, it’s a storyline that no one pays attention to. Kara will need something else to define her work outside of being a superhero. It’s the question of whether journalism is part of that plan.

It was nice to see Winn (Jeremy Jordan) dating Lynn, but the show should be more invested in his relationship. Lynn doesn’t feel like a character on the show, so she needs some more development. She became more of a reason for Winn to get involved in the episode’s plot. Their relationship doesn’t have enough to be invested in at this point.

Supergirl continues to soar with another strong episode. ‘Exodus’ followed up from last week’s fallout with Jeremiah while also going into the alien immigration dilemma that has been part of the season. Chyler Leigh showed some prowess in her performance this week. Her scenes stood out as some of the best we’ve seen with Alex.

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