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TV Review: SUPERGIRL: Season 2, Episode 16: Star-Crossed [The CW]

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Supergirl: Star-Crossed Review

The CW’s Supergirl Season 2, Episode 16: ‘Star-Crossed’ welcomed two TV veterans who know a thing or two about the superhero genre. Kevin Sorbo and Teri Hatcher have become good additions to the cast portraying the Daxam Royal Family. Despite their appearances, it didn’t help the mediocre episode from the show’s recent success with their ongoing storylines. Rather than being villains or invaders, Rhea and Lar Gand turned out to be obnoxious aliens who haven’t learned the same values that their son has since their arrival on Earth. We’ll see how that all changes when we inch closer to the end of the season.

Both actors managed to pull off their roles with ease during this week’s installment. It’s great having another cast member from Lois & Clark joining Supergirl on a recurring basis like Dean Cain. Even having Kevin Sorbo from Hercules play a Daxam King seems to be a perfect fit for him. It was a little weird how small their roles were as Queen Rhea and King Lar Gand. Knowing that these two Daxamites and their army were coming to Earth would’ve been an exciting way to push the story forward with an invasion in National City. However, after the scuffle between Kara (Melissa Benoist) and their ship, Rhea and Lar Gand soon became background characters that just wanted their son Mon-El (Chris Wood) back than attacking Earth.

The episode focused more on Mon-El’s relationshp with Kara than the arrival of his parents. There was a lot of drama going on between these two with Kara finally learning the truth of Mon-El’s true lineage. This season managed to let Mon-El grow as a character where he started to learn about being selfless and liberation. Mon-El still has so much to learn in his storyline. His secret past caught up with him as his truth came to light on how he actually escaped from Daxam. It doesn’t erase all he has done to grow as a superhero, but Kara has the right to be upset by this betrayal. Chris and Melissa’s chemistry continues to be strong, even after their emotional break-up. Mon-El’s dialogue was sincere, much like other relationship dramas we see on screen.

Rather than having this week’s episode focus on the Daxamites, we end up going into the relationship between Winn (Jeremy Jordan) and Lyra (Tamzin Merchant). It was great for the show to put their relationship in the forefront, especially since Lyra’s rushed introduction kind of felt coincidental. Having another secret exposed was going to happen sooner or later with Lyra, and it did leave some consequences as well. There were some good scenes coming out of Winn’s arc, especially with the interrogation that took place between him and Maggie (Floriana Lima). It was all resolved rather nicely, with Winn willing to forgive Lyra as opposed to Kara letting Mon-El go.

It was also strange how the episode ended by having it shifting gears into The Flash’s musical crossover event. As grating as having the Music Meister (Darren Criss) make his entrance, it would’ve been nice if the crossover started on The Flash rather than on Supergirl. We should expect some fun coming off this crossover since both heroes deserve a change of pace for a while.

‘Star-Crossed’ ended up being another one of Supergirl’s weakest episodes in its second season. It was a treat seeing Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo coming into the fold, but the episode didn’t spend enough time with either of them. We end up focusing more on Kara and Mon-El’s romance falling apart. Even Winn’s own relationship troubles didn’t help the episode propel. Hopefully after the crossover, Supergirl will return to the storyline with the Daxam Royal Family.

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