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TV Review: SUPERNATURAL: Season 10, Episode 7: Girls, Girls, Girls [The CW]

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The CWs Supernatural  Girls, Girls, Girls TV Show Review. Supernatural: Season 10, Episode 7: Girls, Girls, Girls was almost overwhelming in the multitude of storylines it explored.

A lot happened in this week’s episode of Supernatural. Almost too much, seeing as we went from just following the Winchester brothers’ storyline, to following all of our main characters’ storylines…and then some. With an episode featuring not only Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles), but also Castiel (Misha Collins), Hannah (Erica Carroll), Cole (Travis Aaron Wade), Crowley (Mark Sheppard), and – the newest addition – Rowena (Ruth Connell), there’s a lot to talk about.

I’ll start out with Cole, as I feel his storyline was, unfortunately, the weakest this season.  It’s disappointing, because I think this character had so much potential to either turn against the Winchesters, or join them. He also could have shed some light on Dean’s past before he started hunting with Sam again, which would have been really interesting. Still, it seems that Cole was only there to serve as a reminder of how Dean was at the beginning of the series – hell bent on finding the thing that took his parent(s) from him. Dean made this contrast very clear when he told Cole to put the gun down, that he himself was beyond saving, but Cole still had a chance to just go be with his family. It was heartbreaking, to say the least, as it shows us just how much of a toll the years have taken on Dean.

While Dean’s story was devastating, another character’s actions in this episode were much more hope-inspiring. Now, I’ve made it pretty clear that I’m not a huge fan of Hannah as a character.  I don’t trust her, and I had a niggling feeling that she was going to be the one to stir up chaos in Heaven this season. I had also feared that she and Castiel would be forced into what would be, to me, a very awkward and unnecessary romantic relationship. With Hannah awkwardly stripping in front of Castiel in the beginning of the episode, and then kissing him to fool her vessel’s husband, I figured they were headed down the road I most feared. And then Hannah’s character took a turn that I definitely didn’t expect. It’s interesting, because I felt from the beginning of the season that she was the one coercing Castiel into searching for the angels still on earth, and it seems we missed the moment where that relationship flipped. It was also notable because Hannah has been such a similar character to Castiel in Season 4, when he first appeared on the show, and yet she ultimately makes the opposite choice as him…yet for the same reasons.  Castiel stayed on earth to fight for the humans in his charge, whereas Hannah acknowledges that she had no place on earth, messing with the lives of humans. I wouldn’t say that I trust Hannah’s character, even now, but I do think she made a great decision. And her vessel’s reunion with her husband solidified that.

Of course, it also brought us to a very interesting moment in which Castiel searches for information on his vessel, Jimmy Novak, who was featured in Season 4’s “The Rapture.” We haven’t heard about Jimmy in more than a passing comment since then, and there is so much potential in revisiting his storyline. For one thing, with Castiel having been destroyed/killed and brought back since then, many fans wonder whether or not Jimmy is still with him, or if Castiel’s body is his own at this point. For another, Jimmy’s daughter, Claire, is rumored to return this season, and a confrontation between her and Castiel could be very interesting as well.

Perhaps as compelling as the unexpected family reunion in “Girls, Girls, Girls.”  While many fans expected the end reveal of Rowena as Crowley’s mother – it was revealed seasons ago that Crowley’s mother was a witch, and many people reached the connection from there – I was wholly not expecting the ending, and I’m excited to see where it will take us. After all, Crowley’s reunion with his son in Season 9 offered us a glimpse into his softer, more human side. Rowena, however, may do the opposite.  She has already proved to be a formidable opponent against the Winchesters, so her and Crowley as a team could surely wreak havoc.

Sadly, I anticipate that the next episode may be more Winchesters than Castiel or Crowley; but I can only hope that the show will continue exploring the compelling storylines of our other series regulars soon.

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