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TV Review: TEEN WOLF: Season 4, Episode 10: Monstrous [MTV]

Maya Eshet Monstrous

MTV’s Teen Wolf Monstrous TV Show Review. Teen Wolf: Season 4, Episode 10: Monstrous, opens with Brett Talbot (Cody Saintgnue) and Lori Rohr (Lily Bleu Andrew) running through the pouring rain. It seems as though Brett is chasing Lori, but that’s not the case. Why did the writers bother with such tactics at all when there is already so much going on? The presumed hunters chase them to the lacrosse field where Kira Yukimura (Arden Cho) saves the pair.

Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) and Liam Dunbar (Dylan Sprayberry) have what could be a very touching scene, though it’s cut too short. Liam can’t be “good” like Scott and company, so he asks Scott how they can manage without losing anyone. We finally get some acknowledgement of Allison Argent’s (Crystal Reed) death. Expanding this scene would have been great for character growth. By cutting later scenes at the Argent Family Warehouse of Death, there would have been plenty of screen time, but no, action is the utmost importance.

Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien) and Melissa McCall (Melissa Ponzio) have a short scene together that builds on the season’s themes of parents helping, along with later scenes with Sheriff Stilinski (Linden Ashby). Malia Tate (Shelley Hennig) comes in later and her and Stiles “work” through the whole lying about her real last name that happened. That was quick. Now make out with the concussed boy. The scene shows how awkward and boring regular conversations are on screen.

The heart of the episode lies with Lydia Martin (Holland Roden), Sheriff Stilinski, Deputy Jordan Parrish (Ryan Kelley), Meredith Walker (Maya Eshet), and Peter Hale (Ian Bohen) at the station. Lydia and Meredith talk, Lydia mentioned especially helping. This goes with the themes hit the audience in the head: about “good” monsters like Scott and Lydia. The story of the deadpool’s origins are revealed(ish) and Meredith declares she was only doing it for good (of Peter). Peter, of course, goes for his tried-and-true “I was insane but now I’m better” defense on why it was okay to think about killing a bunch of people for money. Because he wasn’t in his right mind. He’s a liar, Meredith! Lydia makes a great detective with the Sheriff and Deputy and the acting in these scenes was some of the best of the episode.

When Chris Argent (JR Bourne) brings the yellow flower—wolfsbane anyone?—back to the Creepy Argent Warehouse, we get the beginning of a lot of action scenes that do little for the episode. Papa Argent talks to Satomi Ito (Lily Mariye) about the mantra we’ve been hearing all season. Surprise! It has something to do with monsters. “We are violent creatures” Satomi says. Most of this could have been cut, though Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) has a nice speech, even if Braeden’s (Meagan Tandy) gun snap took away from, rather than punctuating, the sentiment.

Stiles and Malia manage to turn the deadpool off, some ancient behemoth of a computer which begs the question again: why we don’t know enough? Especially with the season coming to a close.

Lastly, Kate Argent (Jill Wagner) and Crazy Uncle Peter meet up in their sewer hangout and discuss “the plan” which involves murdering Scott for his alpha powers. At least Peter admits to his “monstrous” nature. Hmm. To think that Meredith was going to follow Alpha Peter’s words.

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