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TV Review: TEEN WOLF: Season 4, Episode 4: The Benefactor [MTV]

JR Bourne Teen Wolf The Benefactor

MTVs Teen Wolf The Benefactor TV Show Review. Teen Wolf: Season 4, Episode 4: The Benefactor had quite a mix of events going on; at some points it even came across as a bit much. The writers made a good choice in further paralleling Scott and Derek by having Liam be extremely resistant to Scott as alpha, much like Scott was to Derek. It was a blatant contrast that was used as humorous point with Scott’s failed attempts to converse with Liam, which ultimately was entertaining. Things sort of get to a point of ridiculousness that Scott can’t just get the point across that Liam has been turned and that there has to be such a grand scheme orchestrated with the lake house party.

The romance between Scott and Kira is rapidly developing, but the way it’s depicted just makes it feel like Kira is a replacement for Allison, and perhaps even more so due to the writers pointedly ignoring her death so far this season – a fact that does not go unnoticed by the fans, especially when Stiles’ previous possession is addressed. I like that there is actually being a little bit more time spent developing the connection between Stiles and Malia, making it more plausible, a smart move due to the pairing not being widely supported by the fan base after last season.

Lydia’s money problems being brought up so suddenly seemed a little spontaneous due to the appearance of her multitude of credit cards in 117. There were a couple of other factors in this episode that also seemed too sudden, like Liam automatically coming around to trust Scott after breaking out of his restraints in the boat house, the introduction of the freshmen assassin couple (Violet and Garrett), and the surprise return of Mr Argent.

The lingering presence of the Mute is also posing problems, with the attempted assassination of Peter and the attack on Derek and the Sheriff. It isn’t explained how Derek comes into possession of the Mute’s computerized gauntlet or how Peter survives his attack, and most likely will not be addressed, as per the usual Teen Wolf writing.

The way the plot is progressing, it seems as though the season is going to end up being very reminiscent of season 3b, too busy with subplots and romance with a startling lack of explanation, making it come across as sloppy and underdeveloped.

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