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TV Review: TEEN WOLF: Season 4, Episode 6: Orphaned [MTV]

Tyler Posey in Teen Wolf: Season 4, Episode 6: Orphaned

MTVTeen Wolf Orphaned TV Show ReviewTeen Wolf: Season 4, Episode 6: Orphaned definitely threw a lot at the viewers, though it didn’t seem too overwhelming, albeit, a bit underdeveloped. I thought throwing Kate Argent (Jill Wagner) back into the mix (finally), was overdue and necessary, especially with the reappearance of Chris Argent (J.R. Bourne). The use of the “Play Me” tapes that the assassins are getting was a bit cliché, but could turn out to be clever if there is anything more to them than the Benefactor sending pointed messages.

It was interesting to actually witness some legal ramifications, with Violet’s (Samantha Logan) arrest, Garrett (Mason Dye) being wanted, and Rafa McCall (Matthew Del Negro) connecting Violet to other deaths. Of course, this notion was promptly dispelled with the attack on the cruiser transporting Violet.

Liam Dunbar (Dylan Sprayberry) being kidnapped was not a big plot development, and his character, while endearing, developing such a strong connection with Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) so quickly still seems like lazy writing; almost like a replacement for the friendship between Scott and Isaac Lahey (Daniel Sharman), who was written out of the show. It also seemed implausible that Liam would survive so long, and be in good enough condition to scale to the top of a well when the Brett Talbot (Cody Saintgnue) was down in a considerably shorter amount of time after being poisoned during the game.

Malia Tate (Shelly Hennig) being mentored by Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) was amusing to watch, between the snark and insights, though it brings to light Derek’s ulterior motives in using Malia when his powers are diminishing.

The fact that the secret wolf pack that was being targeted was in connection with Satomi (Lily Mariye), mentioned briefly in 3b, was only worthy of an eye roll, that the writers were trying too hard to connect things, especially since they killed off seemingly the entire pack. This just makes the writing seem so lackluster in that all of these werewolves died, yet the human mercenary, Braeden (Megan Tandy), survived.

The heavy inclusion of Deputy Jordan Parrish (Ryan Kelley) was enjoyable, making him a likeable character from the get-go with his witty comments and good nature, but he seems a little too good to be true and his implied ignorance of the supernatural in Beacon Hills.

I appreciated how the interaction between Kate and Chris played out, there was no tawdry sibling reunion, but it was believable with the mercy that was shown on Kate’s part, saving Chris from her Beserker minions and Chris not backing down at all after everything came out of the woodwork about Kate in the first season.

The episode was really fast-paced between Peter Hale’s (Ian Bohen) pitching a team up with Kate – in an incredibly tense and over sexualized fashion, coming across a bit cheesy, and the very sudden deaths of Violet and Garret, both of which were anticlimactic.

I have to say I was glad that Scott kept the money, even if it seems to have been a plot mechanism for him to find the “Play Me” tape given to Violet and Garrett, because I am pretty sure that not one viewer isn’t sympathizing/empathizing with Melissa McCall (Melissa Ponzio) on the phone trying to get the power turned back on in her home.

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