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TV Review: THE BRINK: Season 1, Episode 9: Just a Little Crazy Talk [HBO]


HBO’s The Brink Just A Little Crazy Talk TV Show Review The Brink: Season 1, Episode 9: Just A Little Crazy Talk TV Show Review Just A Little Crazy Talk was climactic to the series, but the build-up is not complete until Zeke (Pablo Schreiber), the unlikely hero, saves Israel. Now, backtrack for a moment to the normal amount of crazy talk that Walter Larson (Tim Robbins) is used to.

Pakistan’s General Ali (David Diaan) does not negotiate with “terrorists” like Larson until he’s offering up giraffes and yet another ballistic submarine. For all of Walter’s professional faults, his negotiation skills are the funniest and most satirical flaws of the recreated role as Secretary of State in The Brink. He does this precisely as it should never be done with all other officials remaining stoic and completely at odds with his desperation and emotions. Nearly everything that comes out of his mouth is crazy talk, and it pushes his subplot through every situation that arises. Ironically, in this episode he says the most serious thing he has said the entire season and tells Alex Talbot (Jack Black) to shoot Zaman (Iqbal Theba) in the head if things go south after arriving at the palace to arrest him with General Ali, who is now poised to take the dictatorship, I mean, ahem, democracy.

Rafiq’s (Aasif Mandvi) uncle is handy with Zaman’s psych evaluation which is the key to this whole episode. Without it, and I won’t spoil the ending, we would never know the level of sexual sadism this certifiable psychopath is capable of. He makes Walter’s escapades look like lubricious social work.

Zeke and Glenn (Eric Ladin) drink the Kool-Aid with each other and get drunk off Listerine to drown their woes of being grounded and told they aren’t good for the country.  Boner dude is their new found friend until shit gets real with Zaman.

Talbot and Rafiq make due with translating the negotiation from the sidelines. Joanne (Carla Gugino) gets a meeting with Pierce (Geoff Pierson) for Walter just in time to see the stream of celebration pics as the negotiation is won and Zaman is arrested for having a small penis because it led him to murder and eat the men he made have sex with his wife. The final trick up his sleeve thrusts the suspense into overdrive and the episode ends with another cliff hanger.

The Brink has one more episode left in the season, and it is going to be outrageous. I can’t wait to see Walter get his job back. Between the three unusual suspects; him, Zeke, and Talbot, there is a goal the world is hinging on, and that is what keeps the country on the brink. Gentlemen, your country needs you, but not as much as you need to get laid. Let that be a lesson to men everywhere.

By “lesson” I don’t mean what you want it to mean.

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