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TV Review: THE FLASH: Season 1, Episode 19: Who Is Harrison Wells? [The CW]

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The CW’s The Flash Who Is Harrison Wells? TV Show Review. The Flash: Season 1, Episode 19: Who Is Harrison Wells?, places the team in a very difficult situation and a new villain makes a copying fool of himself. Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) visit Starling City and ask Captain Lance (Paul Blackthorne) for help with their investigation into Dr. Wells (Tom Cavanagh); Laurel Lance / Black Canary (Katie Cassidy) asks Cisco for a favor; Barry (Grant Gustin) faces a new foe who can disguise himself into anyone he touches.

18 episodes in the can and we end up in Joe’s living room for a mouthful of- disillusionment, accusations and pizza. All of this sounds like a National Lampoon film. Cisco, Joe and Barry have all landed on the same page concerning Dr. Wells. Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) and Eddie (Rick Cosnett) are not sold just yet. Caitlin actually seems downright upset. She is not going to be easy to sell. Dr. Wells has been more than just her employer…he has been like a father to her. This opening was pretty solid and having Dr. Tina McGee (Amanda Pays) paying Barry a visit in the last episode really set up the need for the trip to Starling City.

After a bank robbery and the metahuman responsible caught red handed…Barry gets to see Hannibal Bates / Everyman (Martin Novotny) in action as he morphs into a girl and slips off in the sidewalk crowd. Wait…rewind! He escapes The Flash? Now, this would be okay if it were a hero with slightly above average powers. The Flash could have zipped over and knocked Hannibal out cold right after shape shifting. That’s said, we can take this hit, because it sets up Barry to head back to STAR Labs so they can do their homework and find out Hannibal Bates is the metahuman shape-shifting. They also warn Barry this guy cannot touch him because he could end up with The Flash’s speed.

Over in Starling City, we get to see Cisco get all giddy over Laurel Lance who reveals to him that she is the Black Canary. This is all innocent fun but tends to take us back to how the show started a little too soupy. So far, every time when a character from Arrow crosses over, they leave the hard edge from their show and cause The Flash to get a little cheesy. What saves it, is Joe teaming up with Captain Lance and heading over to the 15-year-old crash site. Bingo! They find Wells body.

Much happens while Cisco and Joe are in Starling City. Eddie gets arrested after Everyman assumes his looks and shoots at police. He is on video and it looks bad. The best scene during this altercation is when Barry speeds Eddie away and Eddie tells him to bring him back. His demeanor and his bonding with Eddie is still fun. Even The Flash’s close friends will not allow him to abuse his powers. I like how this was handled and how it brings Iris West (Candice Patton) back into action. She has been absent a lot lately. This is the setup to bring them back together. It’s predictable but in the larger scheme of things…it works.

When Hannibal knocks out Barry and assumes his looks, he heads off to Star Labs with Caitlin. His demeanor was very comical…almost child-like. One minute he is looking around calculating and the next, he is smooching Caitlin. The funny part arrives on the second kiss…where Caitlin starts kissing him back then acts like it was weird. Fun scene and it was also a fun way to have Hannibal finally get caught. Or was he? The good is the serum that will stop Hannibal is made.

It was good to have The Flash back in top form as he delivers a hefty beating to Hannibal that ends with the injection of the serum. Case closed. Now that’s what I call producing!

As another episode draws to an end we edge closer to the big showdown with Wells. Caitlin finally joins them after seeing the corpse from Starling City and hearing the info about DNA. It was also a powerful close having them stumble upon Wells secret room. Now there is no doubt Wells is Reverse Flash. We are dying to know what is going through Barry’s mind as he looks at a Future newspaper from 2024. With all the proper setups in place…bring on episode 20!

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