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TV Review: THE LAST SHIP: Season 1, Episode 8: Two Sailors Walk Into A Bar

Rhona Mitra The Last Ship Two Sailors Walk Into A Bar

TNT’s The Last Ship Two Sailors Walk Into A Bar TV Show ReviewThe Last Ship: Season 1, Episode 7: Two Sailors Walk Into A Bar did something I previously thought impossible: it actually made me feel feelings by the end credits.

The feelings were fleeting, as the heartwarming moment was rather telegraphed and manipulative, but it was nice to see The Last Ship actually trying for once. What’s even more surprising is that this upswell of emotion comes after an episode largely based around the same by-the-numbers action the show has displayed week after week.

After the rather clever cliffhanger last week, Commander Chandler (Eric Dane) and Tex (John Pyper-Ferguson) are now captive on a Russian naval ship. With Chandler captured, XO Slattery (Adam Baldwin) must take the reins and devise a plan to rescue his mates. It’s decided that Slattery will trade Dr. Scott (Rhona Mitra) for the Commander and Tex, a significant risk considering Scott has just made a serious breakthrough in her vaccine research.

Once again, the most fascinating aspects of The Last Ship come not from the action – which is subpar – but from the battle of wits between the opposing forces. It’s refreshing to see Chandler not calling the shots for once, giving Slattery a chance to show his leading prowess. But as I’ve come to expect from this series, these interesting moments are denied their potential by wholly uninspired direction. The atmosphere of the whole show has been so procedural and lifeless that these good moments just don’t shine through.

 All in all, I’m happy that this first season is ending soon. Watching this show has become the most wasteful hour of my week.

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