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TV Review: THE LAST SHIP: Season 2, Episode 12: Cry Havoc [TNT]

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TNT’s The Last Ship Cry Havoc TV Show Review. The Last Ship: Season 2, Episode 12: Cry Havoc became what was a good showdown between the Nathan James ship and Sean Ramsey’s (Brian O’Bryne) sub. It was a epic battle between these two warring factions as they both try to outmaneuver each other with strategic moves and shots firing. Tom Chandler (Eric Dane) was focused on bringing Ramsey down once and for all, but the Brit wasn’t going down without a fight. What also happened in the hour was with Rachel (Rhona Mitra) as she and the Special Ops team went into hiding and helped a family battle the virus, which may help them in the long run in regaining the trust of the American people.

This episode was high on tension and drama, which was exactly what drew viewers to the show in the first place. The writers managed to carefully plot what move each side was going to make, giving viewers a methodically crafted battle and huge explosions with a typical Michael Bay flare. Even though there wasn’t enough of a fire to blow out like the oil rig last episode, but seeing Ramsey’s secret weapon being used against him was priceless.

Another fight scene that took place was with Mike Slattery (Adam Baldwin), Danny Green (Travis Van Winkle), and Tex Nolan (John Pyper-Ferguson) going against some of Ramsey’s crew. It’s usually scenes with the technical lingo, shaky camera work, and uproar that can lose viewers who are trying to understand what’s going on. It’s happened a few times in the series whenever a big battle scene takes place.

While the Nathan James was battling at sea, Rachel, President Michener (Mark Moses), and the rest of the crew were taken safely to shore. Their mission was to protect the cure, which had us wondering why they couldn’t have just left some samples of the cure at discreet locations. They also could’ve given the cure to the rest of the crew or to the teenagers on board to help it spread quickly. Plus, we still don’t know if this contagious cure is strong enough to last. It would make the story continue if the cure didn’t work, but we have to see during the season finale.

Val (Tania Raymonde) was a great asset to use on the ship against Ramsey. She showed off her hacking skills and the ship wouldn’t have won the battle without her. It was great to see her interact with much of the crew. She could’ve done this in a separate quarter, but she worked with them under their supervision, making it seem like she was part of the crew.

The way that the crew interacted with each other before splitting up was one of the most touching moments in the series. Seeing Tex handing Rachel a gun was so him, and the staring look that she gives to Chandler was heart breaking. Chandler and Slattery stayed strong and gave the military handshake for good luck. The most touching goodbye was between Green and Foster (Marissa Neitling), even though the crew would win anyway. Just seeing them start a family on the ship was a great moment to experience.

The episode did acknowledge the people who died during the last episode. We are constantly reminded that the world that they knew was already gone, but no matter what, the crew would always be family. The family that Rachel and the others encountered could turn the tide in this war. If they can get word out on the cure, they can restore America’s hope and gain their trust again.

‘Cry Havoc’ was an episode that gave us an epic battle on both fronts with gunfights and explosions everywhere we turned. With Ramsey out of the picture, it will be interesting to see where the show goes from there as we head into next week’s season finale. The Immunes are still out there, so the Navy team still has another fight ahead of them. Even the American people still don’t trust them, so the Nathan James has a long road to recovery in terms of getting the American people to trust them again.

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