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TV Review: THE LAST SHIP: Season 2, Episode 3: It’s Not a Rumor [TNT]

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TNT’s The Last Ship It’s Not a Rumor TV Show Review. The Last Ship: Season 2, Episode 3: It’s Not a Rumor saw the crew of the Nathan James arriving at Norfolk after what went down in Baltimore. After witnessing the action that took place in the season premiere, things slowed down plot wise as we deal with the drama behind the U.S. Navy as everyone went in search of their families to see if they survived the epidemic. We also get to catch up with patient zero’s Dr. Niels Sorensen (Ebon Moss-Bachrach), who we last saw escaping from the Russians after their ship was destroyed.

Most of the episode focused on the emotional toll on the crew as they were in a desperate search for their families. Some of them were successful, while others aren’t so lucky. We also learned that most of the labs around the world are up and running, so several planes were sent out to distribute the cure. Meanwhile, mad scientist Sorensen ends up in Florida, where he finds a camp filled with apparently immune people.

Seeing the crew looking for their families wasn’t entirely exciting, but it was important for developing the characters and the story. Chandler (Eric Dane) had a difficult choice to make in the episode, which was whether or not he should stay with his family. Chandler’s dilemma drove most of the hour as he battled his guilt over leaving his family, but with their support, he decides to stay on the mission. It was a tough choice, but Chandler made the right call to see this mission through to cure the rest of the world.

Mike Slattery (Adam Baldwin) also faced a similar problem as he went in search of his family. It was very moving to see the note he left for his family as we enter the XO’s family life that we never got to see. He was torn between duty and family, but he realized the best way to help them out was to finish the mission. Alicia Granderson (Christina Elmore) also faced some guilt over her dead mother’s actions against the crew. She eventually got over it after getting promoted to Lieutenant, which doesn’t seem believable as a way to get over one’s remorse.

We even got to know a bit more about Tex Nolan (John Pyper-Ferguson) who revealed to Dr. Rachel Scott (Rhona Mitra) that he has a daughter and estranged wife out there that he hopes to see during the Navy’s tour across the country. Hopefully we can see more of Tex’s personal life as the season progresses.

While the crew spreads the cure in Norfolk, our mad scientist was busy spreading the disease around Florida. His journey leads him into a cult of survivors, who wonder why they survived while the rest of the world didn’t. This cult, which is growing beyond the sect in Florida, looks to be the Big Bad of this season. The leaders of the movement seem very interested in containing the cure because, after all, if the cure can prevent anyone from getting the illness, then they won’t be all that special from everyone else. We should expect these religious hobos to go head to head with the Nathan James pretty soon.

This episode pretty much does a good job in developing the characters a little more as we go into the personal lives of the crew. Despite the slow build on the stories, the use of the montages at the end of the episodes can be overdone at times. It feels like more of an infomercial encouraging viewers to join the Navy. We also get to see the start of a new problem that sets up the rest of the season, so it will be interesting to see how the Nathan James tackles this one.

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