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TV Review: THE LAST SHIP: Season 2, Episode 4: Solace [TNT]

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TNT’s The Last Ship Solace TV Show Review. The Last Ship: Season 2, Episode 4: Solace had the Nathan James crew facing an unforeseen enemy after exploring a hospital ship. The Navy seized the opportunity to check out the ship with the possibility of finding a larger lab and some medics to help distribute more of the cure to the rest of the human population. This show has proven that not all good things come in a nice bowtie after what the crew found once they boarded the ship.

In ‘Solace’, the Nathan James crew locates a hospital ship out at sea after leaving Norfolk. The discovery of another ship adds a few advantages to the Nathan James crew. For Captain Nathan Chandler (Eric Dane), it adds another ship to his fleet and help out in the effort to save the rest of mankind. Rachel (Rhona Mitra) also sees this as an opportunity to find a better lab that’s well equipped with replicating the cure. However, the crew find themselves in a hostile war with a few mercenaries or pirates who have taken the hospital ship’s crew as hostage demanding for the cure in exchange for their release.

After being in Norfolk for the first three episodes, the Nathan James crew had a smooth transition back at sea. The Last Ship does well by focusing back into having the crew back into work fixing the world. The episode also took time in resolving Chandler’s dilemma between his family and his mission, with him knowing that he has a place for him back home once his mission is complete. The show also does a good job expanding the story once they added more members of the military who are spread out but are still part of the main mission. It gives us a better sense of putting things together, but it also signifies the challenges that lie ahead.

The episode started with a flashback from five months ago on a submarine where we see this group of sailors in a panic after the virus contaminates the British sub. A couple of them survive, but now they must deal with all the dead bodies onboard. You can definitely sense the tension with this crew in contrast with the Nathan James as they already are at a point of normalcy as they work together to spread the cure as they head for Savannah to meet with Rachel’s mentor.

The Nathan James have found a new clue in finding out where the lab equipment disappeared to once they located the hospital ship. The place certainly has some curiosity for the crew as they see that the hospital ship is still operational, but no signs of life found. However, they do find clues that there was someone on the ship who’s alive after finding a recently deceased body onboard. The crew scouts out the area for any survivors, which they do find but find out that they were attacked due to the fact that the attackers were looking for the Nathan James all along.

Seeing that pirates were responsible, the crew underestimated their new enemy after seeing that they are surprisingly knowledgeable about the ship than they were. Things go pretty violent between the pirates and the crew as they go on an all out war over the ship and its staff. The additions of Israeli female soldier Ravit (Inbar Lavi) and Australian combatant Wolf (Bren Foster) made the job a whole lot easier. The cat and mouse chase came to a head as we witnessed some of the staff not making it, but the team managed to diffuse the bombs. With the crew realizing that these mercenaries came by a submarine, it puts them on high alert as they know that something big is coming for them.

What the episode ended up was becoming an action-packed hour of television where we are reminded that not everyone can be saved, so it’s a question of whether or not it’s worth losing people in the expense of better resources. The crew did manage to save a few of the staff on board, but now they have more enemies to look out for. After spotting that submarine towards the end of the hour, we are reminded that Chandler and his team aren’t out of the woods just yet.

The show continues to expand the fleet and offers a new dynamic between the new members and the crew. We also develop a new enemy along the way, which could spell trouble for the Nathan James as we get through this season. The show is moving forward rather nicely and continues to make the show’s world bigger than we thought. With the show constantly changing, we continue to adapt to them and reap it’s benefits.

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