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TV Review: THE LAST SHIP: Season 2, Episode 8: Safe Zone [TNT]

The Last Ship Safe Zone

TNT’s The Last Ship Safe Zone TV Show Review. The Last Ship: Season 2, Episode 8: Safe Zone had most of the drama take place on the Nathan James as the entire crew focused on one mission – to prep the President of the United States (Mark Moses). It was a difficult task for Tom Chandler (Eric Dane) to convince the new leader of the free world to gain his support after being brainwashed by Sean (Brian O’Byrne) and the Immunes. The show made a smart call to have the action take place on the ship so they can really get into one storyline without overlapping any unnecessary storytelling.

What was essentially a walk-and-talk episode, Captain Chandler does whatever he can to take the new commander-in-chief apart and put him back together so he would be ready on a mental level to lead the United States into a bright future. It was easier said then done when you have to convince a future President that all he believed in was a lie without committing treason. Plus, Chandler was on the clock and had only a day to convince Michener that they were on the right side or else the crew would have doubts. Chandler had to expose his own guilt to get a connection with Michener, who has a few dark secrets that can make you judge a man’s morality.

The method used to break down Michener just so happens to be similar techniques used in military training. What happens is new recruits would be torn down and then be retrained to behave as one would when joining the military. So it seems that Chandler has taken the place of Sean to make Michener a believer again. It’s hard to picture Michener as the President because of his incompetence with the situation and lack of self-confidence. Seeing the President in this shape shows us how effective Sean can be, and why he is a force to be reckoned with.

Sean’s methods of brainwashing have shown us how powerful he can be. He had the President fooled by having him believe that the U.S. Navy are feeding him lies, making him trust a British mercenary more than a Naval officer. It’s horrific to think that Sean can convince a leader of a country to follow him rather than the U.S. Navy. The show really knows how to pick villains as we see how enemies against the ship can use any means necessary to reach their goal.

It’s easy to understand that the crew’s actions were all for the greater good, but the way it was handled was as if it was more of a military coup. It’s not hard to imagine what was going on in Michener’s mind as he was being held against his own will, but it was all done to build him up to lead his country without any outside influences.

We can see that Chandler and Michener have so much in common despite coming from different backgrounds. These two men have the capability of being a leader, but they also want someone to lead them. To see both of them sharing their deepest secrets and feelings with one another was a great scene. We really got to see the relationship change throughout the episode, going from a bit hostile to emotional. We could be seeing Michener stick around for a while based on where this is going, but will this partnership last or will it become a power struggle? We can only witness what unfolds when the season progresses.

‘Safe Zone’ did an outstanding job showing more of the world in the Nathan James. The scenes with Michener and Chandler brought in more of a human side to these two leaders and it will be interesting to see how they will help usher in a new age in their new world. We also get some more details on what happened in the mainland when the epidemic hit the country when Mike Slattery (Adam Baldwin) showed Michener those videos from the Oval Office. With the President being a new member of the crew, it will be difficult for the crew in this new adjustment and Mike doesn’t seem to trust his new leader. With Michener holding the title, someone may need to keep an eye on him.

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