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TV Review: THE LIBRARIANS: Season 1, Episode 7: And the Rule of Three [TNT]

Christian Kane Rebecca Rominj The Librarians And the Rule of Three

TNT’s The Librarians And the Rule of Three TV Show Review. The Librarians: Season 1, Episode 7: And the Rule of Three, lands The Librarians at the STEM fair posing as judges. Science projects begin to go haywire when someone introduces magic into the equation.

During this two-hour episode, we find out strange things can happen even on days off. The Librarians take a step closer towards fully bonding as an effective unit. This episode gives everyone a role to play, even Jenkins (John Larroquette) finds himself leaving the base and getting into the fray.

I do recall asking for more character development some episodes back. In the case of Cassandra (Lindy Booth) this was another episode where she surged. We find out from her background that she was a science whiz…with trophies. It doesn’t take Cassandra long to bond with Amy Meyer (Bex Taylor-Klaus), who is also a science whiz. Getting to see Cassandra geek out with someone else she can relate to was good. While working to gain Amy’s confidence, we are introduced to moments in Cassandra’s life that help fill in blanks. This was very well executed and she also managed to help her team overall. Cassandra has come a long way from being the girl with the Visual fx handicap.

Eve Baird (Rebecca Rominj), finds herself becoming more relevant in this episode and sells it fairly well. Actually the last few episodes she has come out of her box and delivered much livelier performances. Her showdown with Lucinda McCabe / Morgan Le Fay (Alicia Witt), was very entertaining. The only negative was after it was established how powerful Morgan Le Fay was, she didn’t kill Eve when she had the chance. To balance things out, when Eve had a chance to decide to kill Morgan or saving the kids…she chooses to save the kids. Hand well played.

Magic spells programmed into an app? Oh yes, technology was on display in this fair too. Ezekiel Jones (John Kim) was much more alive in this episode, especially with his kind gesture to Cassandra at the end. Does he raise his performance levels and balance out with his team? The answer would be…he is still a work in progress. For now we can see there was an attempt to sell his character better this episode.

It appears old Jenkins is much more than he appears to be. There was also a hint before some episodes back. After the Librarians handle the situation, Jenkins seems to be a bit upset with Eve for allowing Morgan to escape. Could there be something going on that the team will have to deal with in the near future? What is Jenkins hiding? With only a few episodes left, it looks like these questions may get answered.

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  • Mary E Brewer

    UUUUMMMM Did you forget someone??? LIKE #JakeStone’s aka Christian Kane quoting a Byron poem??? How can you have left him out of this review?? So this review doesnt get a favorite from me! so disappointed..Christian Kane as #Stone ROCKS his part in every episode.. My main reason for watching the show in the first place! .. just my opinion of course! thanks!

  • Yvette Dreier

    Hey, do you know who Christian Kane is? He would be my reason for watching! Jake Stone was awesome reciting poetry, almost as good as Christian Kane singing!

  • Louise Shive

    You made some interesting observations in your review but really missed the mark. For me, the best moments in The Ule of Three episode of the Librarians are when the wonderful Christian Kane quotes Byron and then describes how most of us wear masks, some for too long. This was so heartfelt and sincere.

  • Mary E Brewer

    He had my heart melting .. listening to Christian Kane recite poetry as it did to every woman watching!

  • Jeannean

    Wow – are we watching the same show? I read the above and then read it again. I could not believe there was absolutely no mention of Christian Kane and his character Jake Stone. Christian Kane steals every scene he is in. The fact that he recited Byron is still being talked about a week later. Christian Kane is the sole reason my family started watching The Librarians. We followed him from Leverage. My only complaint as such is that Christian Kane needs more screen time.

  • Heidi Jones McKeon

    Ummm… aren’t you missing a member of the cast in your review? Way to be objective…

    I totally agree with tour comments about Cassandra and the fleshing out of her character a little more and the opportunity to see what she was like before. I liked her more every week. But you totally missed the character development of Jacob Stone and the wonderful moment between he and Daschle in the lab.

  • Clarike

    How about #JacobStone aka #ChristianKane?? He’s the reason I started watching this show and I am loving every episode!

  • Gorni

    A complete review of every character was needed. That’s what I expect when reading about various shows. It appears that an “edit” is due on this authors article. Please let us know your thoughts on the character, Jake Stone, AKA, Christian Kane.

  • Amy Griffith

    Wow how did you manage to leave out #JacobStone? When #ChristanKane read the Tennyson poem he did so with such conviction. He is a great actor and you didn’t even mention that he is on the show. Just despicable.

  • Tina Walker

    You seem to have forgotten to mention #JacobStone otherwise known as #ChristianKane….Hmmm…How did that happen? He is without a doubt one of the most important characters on the show!!!…

  • Stacey

    Although your comments are wonderful, provide great descriptions of #TheLibrarians episode and MOST of the cast, this #Kaniac is extremely disappointed that you failed to mention Jacob Stone AKA #ChristianKane….the delivery of part of Lord Byron’s poem “She Walks in Beauty” was spectacular. This is a fantabulous family fun show.

  • Guest


  • Michelle Renee

    It seems as though you like the show. However the either intentional or accidental omission of the Jake Stone character is a glaring oversight that bares correcting. Another review, perhaps of the 2 hour season finale, is in order. This time to include ALL the major players.

  • Brian Fire

    Thanks for your comment Michelle. I actually do find the show entertaining. The show got off to a bumpy start and appears to be making the necessary adjustments. Jake Stone has been a rolling Stone lately…no pun intended. I will make sure to include him in the 2 hour season finale.

  • Brian Fire

    Thanks for you comment Stacey. I too thought the poem was clever. Jake is actually building up steam and is doing well. The other actors are also making the effort to step up and it shows.

    In such a busy marketplace and with TV Shows fighting for relevance, I try and focus on the issues that can hurt a show. The good news is the show is picking up steam and may be getting a second season. Stay tuned for updates.

  • Brian Fire

    Thanks for you comment Tina. You are right, Jake is an important character on the show. He was a charmer in this episode. I will make sure to include him in the rest of the reviews.

  • Brian Fire

    Thanks for you comment Amy. I agree this was a strong part of the episode. I’m also learning this actor has a pretty big fan base. When the show started it was a bit of a bumpy ride, so the focus was on performance. Some of the actors are still a little rough around the edges. Christian has been a benefit to the show and is growing. I’ll make sure not to leave him out in the future.

  • Brian Fire

    Thanks for your comment Gorni. I actually thought Christian was solid in this episode. There were other issues and characters who needed addressing. Not that he isn’t important. It’s a good show and the cast members seem to all be stepping it up…which is a good thing. The earlier concerns have been addressed and I think the show is doing much better.

  • Brian Fire

    Thanks for your comment Clarike. Christian Kane is very talented, no doubt. He is also doing well on the show and is quite popular. I haven’t had anything negative to say about him. That’s a good thing. Good to know you enjoy the show. Make sure to stay tuned..they make be looking at season 2.

  • Brian Fire

    Thank you for your comment Heidi. I agree the moment between Stone and Daschle was well executed. Jake and Cassandra are really stepping up and it’s helping the show. I have been critical of Rebecca and John Kim’s performances. Since I started following the show, Rebecca has made some adjustments. Kim on the other hand still appears to need some work. The Librarians are supposed to be a team with each player bringing something special to the dance. Christian is doing his thing. No complaints.

  • Brian Fire

    Thank you for your comment Jeannean. The show needs more die-hard fans like you and your family. I did leave Christian out but he has been winning and turning in some solid performances. I’ll make sure to mention him from now on. The focus has been on other cast members who are drawing a lot of criticism from viewers who didn’t follow Christian from Leverage. These are the things that can cost a show come time for renewal. One thing is for sure…Christian is doing his part and is a dynamic force.

  • Brian Fire

    Thank you for your comment Louise. I agree Christain nailed the quotes. He is actually not one of the actors struggling with performances. I will make sure to include him from now on. So glad to know you are enjoying the show.

  • Brian Fire

    Thank you for your comment Yvette. Who would have known that poetry moment would be so popular. I agree it was solid and Christian is a compliment to the show. If they get a second season maybe we will get to hear him sing too.

  • Brian Fire

    Thank you for your comment Mary. I did leave out a comment about that poem and I regret it. The good news is overall I think the show is doing much better. We don’t set out to bash a show in the reviews. Christian started off a little rough but has owned his scenes. There are other actors who are still trying to find their way and hopefully they can. Your opinion is greatly appreciated and I’m glad you enjoy the show.

  • Mary E Brewer

    thank you for not bashing.. LOL Yes it is hard to do with a short ten season of shows for everyone to get into their roles John Kim is a fairly new actor too Thank you!

  • Stacey

    Thank you Brian 🙂 I see by the comments you have felt the wrath of the #Kaniacs LOL You have handled it wonderfully, explained your “position” splendidly and I am grateful you took the time to answer everyone. You can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be staying tuned for updates 😉 This is just the beginning…not the end…Here’s to a Season 2!!

  • mary

    Um why was christian kane not mentioned in this ????? He is a major character in the show

  • Heidi Dobson

    The characters are really coming to life now and Christian Kane “Jacob Stone” reciting poetry to help a kid get the girl is something that should have been remembered. Love this show and hope for it’s renewal.

  • Pawado

    Nice review and agree with your synopsis. Only one big glaring mistake on your part by the not mentioning one of the best on the show. Christian Kane is such a good actor and am a glad he did get a featured part in the finale. I sincerely hope there will be a second season as the show deserves it. I won’t berate you for the omission as you have heard much grumbling from my fellow Kaniacs. We will let it slide…this time 😛

  • Louise Shive

    Thank you for your reply to my comment. You are so right that he is not one of the actors struggling performance.

  • Gorni

    Thank you Brian for explaining the omission. I agree.

  • Beth Kredel

    How could anyone Ever forget Christian Kane! He’s amazing! I love all of the cast, but he’s my favorite entertainer!

  • Kindra Watson

    Great review except for you left out one thing, Christian Kane’s Jacob Stone reciting Lord Byron! This was one of the best scene in this episode. Hope we get a second season.

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