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TV Review: THE MUSKETEERS: Season 1, Episode 10: Musketeers Don’t Die Easily

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BBCThe Musketeers Musketeers Don’t Die Easily TV Show Review. The Musketeers: Season 1, Episode 10: Musketeers Don’t Die Easily is finally, figuratively and literally, what you have been waiting for. The episode is storytelling at its richest and most exceptionally fast. There is more story, intrigue, twists, turns and emotion for that matter than the previous nine episodes combined. The episode looks gloriously, the acting is awesome and finally, The Musketeers managed to give us a truly spectacular battle sequence, choreographed, shot and produced in a superbly thrilling and entertaining manner, the type which you would want to repeat over and over again.

The most impressive asset of the episode, among many, is undeniably the script. This is a story which can full an entire season but because the mission of the Musketeers is so dangerous and urgent it just has to unfold quickly and efficiently and so does the mission, but so does the episode too. You will never be bored, you will be always intrigued, and the story is literally developing vastly with surprised and twists in every other scene. The humour was the best in the entire season as well. There are some hugely entertaining moments, some surprises that will make you genuinely smile and twists that will move you regardless of the breathless speed of the story.

The episode unravels the full power of the collective force of The Musketeers, the villains at their most cunning and wraps off with some skilfully nuanced dramatic endings for each of our protagonists. Strangely enough, and maybe that’s the only fault in this otherwise marvellous episode-one musketeer was left out. He didn’t get an ending of his own. Still, It is the last thing you will ever pay attention to if you do at all. Once you are done with the episode and you think about the story of the show before it your mind will more or less be blown by the amount of experiences you have gone through in Episode 10. Solely by its story-telling, it is a triumph.

The episode was the best looking apart from being the best scripted too. The cinematography was gorgeous regardless if we are talking about landscape shots, about dramatic scenes in which foreground and background is used, about use of slow-motion or at times, the truly gorgeous lighting or colour-correction. One way or another, you will come back to see that five-minute action sequence. It is a superbly edited and beautifully choreographed massive battle sequence (perhaps the biggest in the show) which shows our heroes begin a gun and sword extermination of their enemies. The fight sequence was shot in a lower framer rate which made it very stylish. The shots were just the right size, the editing was just the right speed, so that we don’t simply keep track of the fight but to also enjoy it fully.

The first season of The Musketeers is over in a genuinely spectacular way and manages to leave so much material to work with in the already announced season two. The only negative thought and question would why couldn’t the show be that good in the past nine episodes; why did we have to wait so long in order to get something truly sensational like this. Yes, the answer is elusive but now, with Musketeers Don’t Die Easily in the can, it does feel like it was worth it.  This is a visually spectacular, solidly scripted, dramatically efficient, proper swashbuckler episode.

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