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TV Review: THE STRAIN: Season 2, Episode 1: BK, NY [FX]

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FX’s The Strain BK, NY TV Show Review. The Strain: Season 2, Episode 1: BK, NY, takes us back into the crimson pit…virus, be headings and all. Agent Ephraim (Corey Stoll) investigates new cases about The Master in NY City.

Nothing in the world could have prepared the audience for what took place in season one. No one was safe, plenty of lives were broken and we were hypnotized. When we last saw Ephraim and Abraham (David Bradley), they clearly had the upper hand on The Master (Robert Maillet) but were blown away when he escaped their final blow. They seemed lost and spirits were broken as the credits rolled signaling the end of season 1.

Season two kicks off in splendid form. We finally get to meet who The Master was before he became the towering dark lord. Jusef Sardu, a large and imposing man suffering from gigantism. His back-story was tragic and everything we needed to understand how he became infected. This was a solid way to bring the show back without missing a step.

Abraham, still brewing over not finishing The Master, comes face to face with Quinlan (Stephen McHattie). He is taken to their underground base. This must be his lucky day. He finds himself getting a face to face with creatures like The Master…The Ancients. What makes this an interesting ride is we never have a moment to think. Abraham is snatched and now he is basically teaming up with Quinlan and bloodsuckers older than The Master. Also present in the underground base, was Augustin “Gus” Elizalde (Miguel Gomez). His confidence tells us he has been preparing himself for the war. With Abraham, Quinlan and Gus on the same team, the be headings are going to multiply.

One thing this show has a lot of…is character accountability. When Ephraim first appears, he basically tells Vasilly (Kevin Durand) he no longer wants to play swashbuckler against the inflicted. Ephraim’s confidence in what he thought he knew was clearly shaken when the witnessed The Master not die in daylight. It took time for Abraham to get him to believe and feel good about their decisions. All of that was undone when that creature crawled down the side of a building…smoking. To add to his list of issues, his son Zack (Max Charles) is becoming very disrespectful. He is missing his mother and blames Ephraim for running her off. I guess the kid was a bit too emotional to notice she didn’t look human last time he saw her. This situation is going to get ugly.

I had been wondering when we would see Thomas Eichorst (Richard Sammel) again. He had some great moments on screen and didn’t get much screen time at the end of season 1.   What we find out is that sun dance did a lot more damage to The Master than any outsider knows. The makeup is fantastic here and you can feel his desperation. I got the feeling when he had Eichorst take the blind kids and bring Kelly Goodweather (Natalie Brown) to them; there was something heavy up his sleeve. Knowing that his body is dying, could he be planning on taking Kelly’s body? Is something like that possible? I guess we will soon find out as the last scene played out, Kelly stats bonding with the blind kids. Very creepy stuff here and an excellent comeback!

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