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TV Review: THE STRAIN: Season 2, Episode 13: Night Train [FX]

Kevin Durand, David Bradley, Richard Sammel The Strain

FX’s  The Strain Night Train TV Show Review. The Strain: Season 2, Episode 13:  Night Train opens with Eichorst and his European “sheep” processing plant that I can only imagine he completely designed himself. How fitting. On the other side of town a bread truck is being revamped to keep the vampires from getting to the future keepers of the Occido Lumen.

Yes, good luck getting your book, professor.

Eph (Corey Stoll) and Nora (Mía Maestro) are taking the risk of heading out of town like a couple of snow birds with their biggest liability, that would be Zack, in tow.

Coco (Lizzie Brochere) warms up to Eldrich (Jonathan Hyde) to convince him that they will be together forever. It’s way too soon to plan for forever.

Setrakian (David Bradley) has no idea how much gold the Ancients are stacking in his favor for this auction to get the Lumen. There’s nothing like walking into an auction where neither bidder knows how much they are worth.

The last train out has a crowd in a panic, but Nora still finds time on the platform for existentialism. Eph thinks he is the most annoying person to Nora, but he’s just trying to take the fall for Zach (Max Charles). And he almost does.

The wolf pack is introduced to Quinlan who freaks them out just a little. He really is a head turner. Dying is the same for all men, but fighting for mankind against white blood is just the sort of bro down these wolves are hungry for. Of course these violent criminals want to be heroic. Of course, they do.  

Creem’s (Jaime Hector) auction for the Lumen gets underway with Eichorst (Richard Sammel) playing the emissary for Palmer. Setrakian knows how to take the groin shots at Eichorst who reveals the Master’s (Robin Atkin Downes) plan for Setrakian – to turn and be one of them. The auction skyrockets in value into a second bid plus $1 format. Eichorst wins, but his access to Palmer’s Swiss bank account is immediately rescinded. Setrakian gets the Lumen for $323 million and Eichorst almost gets his brains blown out for reacting. Remember that Rudyard gave up the Lumen for half a million just to go to Tahiti. He’s not the only short sighted character entrusted with the only clue to defeating the Master.

The bread truck really does work some wonders when Setrakian’s dissent from the plan with Quinlan (Rupert Penry-Jones) goes horribly wrong, as it should have. At least he anticipates an attack. He isn’t naive. Fet doesn’t see a winning situation in having two gangs of immortal monsters coming after them for the same reason. Soon enough, they are t-boned and the feelers swarm. Eichorst shows up to remind them that the victory was fleeting. Fet has a nice arsenal to defend their treasure, but Quinlan and posse are a welcome sight. He manages to scare the daylights out of Eichorst. Gus (Miguel Gomez) discovers the truck is strategically parked over a manhole just before it blows up.  

You didn’t really believe Eph and Nora had a chance of leaving New York on a train did you? Well, they almost did. It only took a few dozen vampires blocking the train’s exit path to derail it. Then, there’s Zach who still feels his mother’s pain and thinks he can just show all involved in the planned extinction of the human race that it hurts his feelings to see them fighting. Right. That solves everything. So, Kelly (Natalie Brown) shows up in the subway tunnel to intercept Nora and the kid. She wins and Nora winds up infected. Kelly makes off with her son, the most annoying person in Nora’s life, and Eph shows up thinking he can still make things work with a strigoi. Nora takes her own life.

Palmer owes the Master big time now. Eichorst wasn’t playing games when he gave him that prior ultimatum. The defiance goes punished when the Master decides to infect Coco as a strigoi. Palmer has a choice to make now, either Coco remains a strigoi which is just as good as dead to him, or he lets her go by extracting her heart. He chooses the latter, unwilling to see her become the Master’s pet. Palmer is not immortal, and now he’s going to owe the Master again for taking Coco from his legion. She would have been very powerful.

He really did love her, but now with two love interests dead and one long gone, New York is a sad sexless place to see strain win the war with mankind. Someone besides Eichorst better try to get some, and soon.

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