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TV Review: THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: Season 6, Episode 19: Because [The CW]

The CW’s The Vampire Diaries Becasue TV Show Review. The Vampire Diaries: Season 6, Episode 19: Because, Places Damon (Ian Somerhalder) in the hot seat as he racks his brain with making a decision that could destroy his relationship with Elena (Nina Dobrev). Damon tries to decide if he should tell Elena about the cure; Bonnie (Kat Graham) learns that she was betrayed.

One would think that after all the times we have seen a main character on the show not come clean, they would learn a new approach. Lies between characters just about always end in disaster on this show. Out of all the characters, Damon should know this by now. With the time counting down the episodes Elena has left before exiting the show, we are left in the dark as to where this ride will end up. Given the stakes and after hearing Jo (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) drop a warning about the Heretics, I am surprised there is not more urgency coming from Damon. I know he did not forget all the trouble Kai (Chris Wood) was to handle. Imagine more than one heretic…and Kai. With all that is going on, is this really a good time to ponder what could be instead of just giving her the cure? Much time has been wasted. On top of that, the friendship between Damon and Bonnie is being strained again. I guess he still doesn’t get how much punishment Bonnie took from Kai. These actions coming from Damon will have repercussions and I’m not sure this is the time for another lesson learned. We get Lily Salvatore (Annie Werching) is his mother but it wasn’t that long ago she was on a killing spree and rubbing elbows with a pack of blood-sucking half breeds. With the timing of all of this, things look shaky for Elena to exit the show on a high note.

Trust is a very odd creature. Lily hasn’t been back that long and she is already causing trouble. I don’t understand why Damon won’t just send her back to the prison world and get it over with. He surely cannot trust her. She has made it very clear she chooses the Heretics over her own children. What more does Damon need to see to convince him? When the ascendant comes up missing, Lily once again becomes a problem. This should be the turning point for Damon but again he allows her to spoil his plans to tell Elena about the antidote. He should be working on Stefan to go along with him sending her back instead of waiting for her to do something irreversible.

The humanity switch…who thought up this fun state of being? Okay after a few missteps, Caroline (Candice Accola) gets her humanity back. Raise your hand if you think this was solved too easy. Yes, I do too. I think the whole humanity switch dance would have played better if there was more damage done. We had karaoke and a game of tit for tat with more focus on tat? We should have had more casualties…more danger. None of this happened which ultimately means the humanity dance could have been written out if it wasn’t going to be more significant. Now we will have the depressing version of Caroline back. The only saving grace is the hope that the Heretics will come to town to play. Now that is something worth wishing for. Combined with Kai, they can raise the danger and casualty meter in a very short period of time. This should be interesting.

After Lily spills the beans, Damon and Elena tease us. We are spinning wondering if they are going to take the cure together. With the storm that is coming, they will need Damon the vampire to help out. There is also the question mark about how Elena will exit the show. Moving at this pace it doesn’t look good. We can only hope her exit is worth waiting for.

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