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TV Review: THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: Season 6, Episode 4: Black Hole Sun [The CW]

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The CW’s The Vampire DiariesBlack Hole Sun TV Show Review. The Vampire Diaries: Season 6, Episode 4: Black hole Sun marks a very crucial point in the season 6 dynamic. Between Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) being compelled to forget her love for Damon (Ian Somerhalder) or Sarah (Gabrielle Walsh) making an appearance and us finding out her arrival in town was no accident, all plot points introduced have now advanced to the full action stage and it’s shaping up to be pretty explosive.

After getting the upper hand on Kai (Chris Wood), Damon decides to reflect on why he feels this place is his personal hell. After a lengthy flashback, we find out Damon was responsible for killing Zack Salvatore’s (Chris William Martin) pregnant girlfriend Gail (Tadasay Young) during the eclipse in 1994. He had been snacking on her and compelling her to forget till Stefan found out and snapped his neck. When he awoke and realized Stefan took his daylight ring…apparently he didn’t like that too much. Heck of a way to act out to get a ring back. In all actuality, Damon is a very complicated character. Before meeting Elena, immortality was boring him. He has grown and is more aware of his actions now. For the sake of a much fuller story, this is good because we will always wonder if he will ever become that monster again. For now he is blaming himself for where he and Bonnie Bennett (Kat Graham) are being held.

Back in the present, Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig) takes a short road trip with…Tripp (Colin Ferguson). After a very dark chat we find out Tripp’s wife was not killed in an automobile accident…she was killed by a vampire. To make matters worse, the vampire in question compelled him to believe he was at fault. So imagine this man’s guilt believing all this time he was responsible for his wife’s death. Now we know how he was able to burn up all those vampires in episode 2 without flinching. To take things up a notch, Tripp has Enzo (Michael Malarkey) chained down in a shed. He knows Enzo killed Jay and is planning on having him tell whom all the other vampires are…starting with the one who bit Sarah. Matt listens and looks at him totally conflicted. Tripp is going to be a serious problem…one worth keeping an eye on.

On a much lighter note, Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesly) and Elena spend some quality time together and he slips and tells her she was compelled to forget she was in love with Damon. Lets take a deeper look at this. Damon overheard that Elena had fallen in love with his brother while she was involved with him. I don’t think this was an accident and it could also be fueling Stefan to want to stay out of town. To the credit of the show, this turns out to be some solid writing. Layer upon layer is slowly being pulled back and the minor conflicts are turning into major conflicts.

Elena decides to pay Alaric Saltzman (Matthew Davis) a visit and finds out Stefan was telling the truth. Alaric has a box with pictures and a diary where Elena writes to herself. After reading the diary Elena decides to let Alaric hold it for her until she feels she needs to read it again. I get the feeling we will see her come pay Alaric a visit again. She now knows he can restore her memories. The performances by Davis and Dobrev are very strong here.

Jeremy Gilbert (Steven R. McQueen) arrives home from the hospital and Sarah is waiting for him…with a picture. She also threatens if he tries anything that she will call 911 and out Elena as a vampire. She wants answers and shows him a picture of her mother when she was pregnant with her. The inter-connectivity of characters in this show is where it truly shines. Damon killed Sarah’s mother Gail during the eclipse. That makes Zack her father. She will put all of this together and when she does all hell will break loose. For now we are not sure what Sarah wants. We do know she is a born survivor. Born a premature, C-section baby was a rough start for her but gives her character.

Something never felt right about Kai and now we know why. Bonnie accidentally finds out his real name is Malachi and he killed his entire family. He was also part of the Gemini Covenant and when they fond out, they banished him there. So Damon was wrong, this hell was made for Kai and for good reason. Kai has the power to consume another witch’s power. So here is the new dilemma. Bonnie doesn’t want to allow Kai to escape to the future and Damon could care less. They are pushed into a situation where they have to decide. Kai tells them he could kill them both and still escape. While they ponder what to do, I can’t help but think if Kai gets back to the future…what hell is he planning on unleashing? With his power he could truly pose a serious threat to all players…vampires and witches.

The last surprise was very welcome. I felt Ivy’s (Emily Chang) departure was very premature. It turns out the writers felt the same way. When she startles Stefan covered in blood we can feel his Goosebumps standing up. So Enzo meant what he said about being a pest to Stefan. He turns Ivy into a vampire further complicating his life. With all that is going on, this show is hotter than ever.

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