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TV Review: THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: Season 7, Episode 2: Never Let Me Go [The CW]

Candice Accola The Vampire Diaries Never Let Me Go

The CW’s The Vampire Diaries Never Let Me Go TV Show Review. The Vampire Diaries: Season 7, Episode 2: Never Let Me Go, Pits mother against sons…and friends. Damon (Ian Somerhalder) makes a decision that could ruin Lily (Annie Werching) and Stefan’s (Paul Wesly) deal; Alaric (Matthew Davis) needs Bonnie’s (Kat Graham) help with an artifact; Caroline (Candice Accola) discovers a shocking secret.

Okay so we know Alaric is grieving over the lost of the love of his life. We get that. We also understand that this show has had some very attractive female characters and he had one of them. We get that. Alaric does know something about death. Paying a guy at the morgue to keep Jo (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) fresh is a bit over the top. Dragging Bonnie along and after having her tell him the newly found Phoenix Stone is too evil…is more than a hint. Now Bonnie is having nightmares and passing out. I guess these type of shows would get boring if characters didn’t follow simple instructions from time to time. The difference here is, it wasn’t that long ago when they were having serious witch problems. The Heretics and this stone take matters to a whole new level. I do recall Stefan and team trying to blow them up…unsuccessfully. So for now, I guess we wait to see how many people get hurt before Alaric realizes he must destroy that stone.

It was bad enough that Caroline ended up becoming the Heretics guest after one of them is murdered. Having Valerie (Elizabeth Blackmore) cast a Vervain-skin spell on her was brilliant. It took her and Stefan so long to get it on, just to quickly fall apart. Now they are working their way back and Stefan cannot touch her. It’s funny but very clever. While this dynamic is taking place, It’s also revealed that Valerie lives in Stefan’s journal. Apparently they met back in 1906 and had a thing. Now keep in mind, that was a long time ago, but we are dealing with Caroline. She has found just about every way to set this relationship back. We can only assume she will find a reason to get Jealous of this old fling as well. The acting is on point through all of this but we have to ask…will this poor girl ever have a long lasting relationship?

Enzo (Michael Malarkey), who has been a royal pain in the neck has decided to show his heart…to Lily. All of this is very surprising when you consider Lily completely abandoned her own sons and created a new family for herself. What makes Enzo think she can love him the way he wants? With all the backstabbing going on…he better watch his back. With Lilly’s past there is no telling what she will do when properly motivated.

Many juicy hints to a future full of spin…the best of it comes when lily finds out Damon killed Malcolm (Justice Leak). Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) body is tossed in the river and Damon agrees to leave Mystic Falls…for now. Flash-forward and we find Caroline catching a chest full of wood. Apparently no one is safe in the future either…not even folks in a coffin.

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