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TV Review: THE WALKING DEAD: Season 3, Episode 1: Seed

Lauren Cohan The Walking Dead Seed

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 1 Seed ReviewThe Walking Dead: Season 3, Episode 1: Seed puts to rest the assertions by The Walking Dead fans from last season that there is not enough actual zombie action sequences in the show. They get what they wanted with this episode and then some.

I believe I heard that the group kills more zombies in this episode than they did in all of last season. I don’t doubt it.

The Walking Dead has gone through an evolution. Now the show has two separate storylines instead of one like it had for the first two seasons: there is one with the main group and another with Andrea (Laurie Holden) and Michonne (Danai Gurira). The fact that the  show has grown like this keeps it exciting and fresh.

The largest portion of Seed is devoted to taking an outer portion then a cell block of a prison but the drama between these segments makes the most lasting impression.

I believe it was smart move of the show’s producers to skip the winter, talk about it in the past tense, and bring the show back during the following summer. That being said, it would have been nice to see how the group dealt with the winter, like on other TV shows like Game of Thrones. I understand though: continuity.

Continuity of characters was not kept though. Many have been altered by circumstances and experiences. Seeing how the group has evolved (the map scene) in subtle ways during Seed was very interesting, especially Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs). He has turned into a mirror of his comic book incarnation: a little soldier. I am surprised that his mother and father allow him to be in the vanguard the way he was when they entered the house but if he is that competent with a handgun and that cool under pressure, in their circumstances I guess anything is possible. Its going to happen sooner or later.

I was not expecting what happened to Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson) later in the episode. That was very surprising. I thought he would go on as he had, especially with Laura Grimes (Sarah Wayne Callies) about to give birth but the writers of the show threw a cover ball at the audience. Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan)’s face during the amputation was so stoic and sad. She’s changed as well. She is no victim anymore.

Rick killed two people to keep them and their group away from the farm last season (written about here: The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 8: Nebraska). Now he is in a prison with prisoners, living convicts. What will be his reaction to them and the threat they pose to his group, especially after the story Randall spoke of last season?

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