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TV Review: THE WALKING DEAD: Season 3, Episode 3: Walk with Me

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The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 3 Walk with Me ReviewThe Walking Dead: Season 3, Episode 3: Walk with Me showed what the show could be if its scope was opened up. I really hope entire episodes are given to different survivor groups like this in the future.

The Governor (David Morrissey) basically stole every scene he was in. His malevolence is completely covered up by his placid face and outward demeanor. If I had not known he was evil beforehand I might have never known until he struck. His last scene in Walk with Me demonstrates just how truly twisted he really is. He is sick and is smart enough to hide it. The scene also showed remorse for what he’d lost (and possibly, what he used to be before his family died or was killed).

The Governor’s leadership and showman skills are up front and center at all times, charming people and easily getting his subordinates in line. He understands the people he has working for him, is perceptive of their strengths and weaknesses (e.g. his constant tutoring of the youngest member of his inner group) and lets them know it.

I loved the re-introduction of Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker) where only his voice is heard and Andrea (Laurie Holden) immediately recognizing it. Merl and Andrea’s eventual converstion about what happened to the group after Merl left was good and given the appropriate amount of screen time to breathe.

The investigation of Michonne (Danai Gurira)’s Pets was very interesting, especially what they discover by observing what Michonne did to them and how she used them. The Governor’s eyes let up when he began to realize the possibilities of their uses.

Michonne’s sullen quietness made her more of a character in the episode. She sits in situations observing, only speaking when absolutely necessary. The Governor uses that and immediately insinuates discord between her Andrea. What is surprising is that Andrea began to buy into it.

The killing of the US soldiers convoy by The Governor, Merl, and his men was outrageous, totally unexpected, and immediately understood. The Governor is building a kingdom for himself, a fiefdom where he is king. The soldiers would have threatened his control. They would have been “the shot callers” in Woodbury if they had been brought there as they are directly associated with the government. The Governor (I am guessing) does not have that legitimate distinction. He does not want anyone else calling the shots in Woodbury but him.

How he could easily and viciously kill men sworn to protect him and the people of America really shows the type of person he and his men are. I am surprised Merl was okay with it, having formerly been in the military. It would be like killing his own. On some level he has to respsect them.

The Governor probably has more power and control than he ever did before the Walker (Biter) apocalypse and he would do everything to keep it and expand it. Did you notice that the nurse was not allowed to answer any questions about Woodbury to Andrea and Michonne? The nurse was afraid.

When The Governor and Rick Grimes meet its going to be a thunder storm, especially with what Grimes has become and what The Governor is. The Merl / Daryl reunion will have sparks of a different kind.

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