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TV Review: TRON: UPRISING: Season 1, Episode 1: Beck’s Beginning

TRON Uprising

TRON Uprising Beck’s Beginning Review. TRON: Uprising: Season 1, Episode 1: Beck’s Beginning instantly shows that it is superior to TRON: Legacy in many respects. The animation is top notch. It jumps off the screen and in HD, it must be even more detailed. The music for the series is also better than expected. Disney and the other producers of the series got behind Uprising in a big way, from the designs on-screen to the character voices carried over from TRON: Legacy.

Beck’s Beginning also opened up the scope of the TRON film world and added to its mythos, like Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles did for The Terminator film franchise. The little artistic flourishes taken by Uprising‘s creators do not go unnoticed either: slow motion walks at key moments (a shot taken directly from motion pictures), 2D details on landscapes, ships, etc.

Since the story of TRON: Uprising fits in between TRON and TRON: Legacy, the show begs the inevitable question: where is Beck during TRON: Legacy and how was Tron’s damage fully repaired? He said it couldn’t be. How was he captured and reprogrammed for his presence in TRON: Legacy? Thee are all questions that I hope the show eventually answers in satisfactory form.

Beck (Elijah Wood) is a simplistic character but well acted, speaking with confidence (“There you are.” “Here I am”) far beyond his current ability set (perhaps its the Tron outfit that adds to his bravado.

The best new character in the TRON world through TRON: Uprising is General Tesler (Lance Henriksen), at least in this episode, though Paige (Emmanuelle Chriqui) has the most entertaining introduction scene (how didn’t the glass from the broken helmet go into her eye? Well, it didn’t into Robocop’s either). Her and her minions interaction with Beck are the second most entertaining in the episode. Beck and TRON’s covert interactions are the highlight of the episode, coming to a crescendo (verbally and music-wise) during a spirited yet ineffective escape attempt. There were layers of details at this moment and it all paid off.

A theme from V for Vendetta about a symbol and ideas is present from about the mid-point of Beck’s Beginning. It gave the episode some sub-text so that the viewer was not just watching impressive visuals blur by. It also gave a meaning to later actions committed by characters.

From Beck’s Beginning, it seems TRON: Uprising is the initialization of a good TV series and bridge between two TRON worlds.

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