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TV Review: True Blood: Season 2, Ep. 1: Nothing But the Blood, Ep. 2: Keep This Party Going, Ep. 3: Scratches


The second season of True Blood started off right where season one left off. In True Blood, Season 2, Episode 1:  Nothing But the Blood, Bill Compton has kept the making of Jessica Hamby into a vampire from Sookie Stackhouse and she finds out. The biggest turn of events is what has happened to Lafayette. This episode also houses one of bloodiest horror-ridden segments in the show’s history. It was creative that it was essentially kept it in shadows and blacked out, keeping its gruesome contents off screen for the next episode.

In True Blood: Season 2, Episode 2: Keep This Party Going, the viewer finds out why it is not advised that vampires go home after they have been turned.  Jessica goes home, much to Soki and Bill’s chagrin.The viewer also find out why she was partially happy when she was told in Season 1 that she could never go home again. It was interesting though, seeing the good parts of her family that Jessica was forced to leave behind along with the bad. Lafayette uses the metal replacement hip of a recently dismembered prisoner to escape from his Fangtasia prison and gets shot in the leg for his trouble. He offers to become a vampire and is feed upon instead by three vampires at once.

True Blood: Season 2, Episode 3: Scratches was my second favorite episode of Season 2 after the Nothing But the Blood so far. A bull-headed creature attacks Soki, leaving her back scarred and poisoned. As Soki lays half-naked and Bill holds her down, a doctor digs samples out of her bleeding back. I do not know if it is a good thing or a bad thing that a superior horror scene such as this is housed in a Showtime television series. Its too bad we do not see such creativity on screen in the majority of American horror movies, where they settle for a naked girl running around or having sex instead of making said nakedness integral to the plot. I should have guessed something was up with the pretty new waitress Daphne, especially since she showed up around the same time as Rear Admiral Cain’s,  I mean Maryanne’s, appearance. I wonder if Daphne is the bull-headed creature or is working for it since she bears its mark. I thought it might be Maryanne but she seems more like a God-type creature instead. We’ll have to wait and see.

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