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TV Review: UNDER THE DOME: Season 3, Episode 10: Legacy [CBS]

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CBS Under the Dome Legacy TV Show ReviewUnder the Dome: Season 3, Episode 10: ‘Legacy’ brought the late season relief pitchers, raised stakes for everyone under the Dome, and left us on the verge of some long overdue confrontations. First, however, it needed to get one the season’s more nagging will-they-won’t-they matters squared away.

If Julia (Rachelle Lefevre) can overlook all that petty nonsense – like Barbie’s (Mike Vogel) mean talk, and the whole trying to kill her thing – then, darn it, so can we. Well, you don’t have to; but I have to keep watching this thing. In any case, the primary couple reset switch has been thrown, so it was time to focus on how they were going to turn things around for the rest.

The rest were facing a good ol’ fashioned mob burn out, because, somehow, a military assault rifle was no match for a bunch of single shot hunting rifles, bunched together, torch lit, and out in the open. Those long odds were as good a reason as any for a Dark Horse rescue – in this case, coming in the form of a small Aktaion task force, led by Hektor Martin (Eriq La Salle), the current company Muppet Man. They actually came for the late Dr. Marsten, thanks to some Big Jim (Dean Norris) shenanigans; but Hektor may not be as lacking, in either smarts or nerve, as Jim’s usual foils.

Hektor did come with baggage, however, so he may be sticking around longer than the not-so-good Doctor. He also came bearing the gift of Lily (Gia Mantegna), who, IMO, makes for a much better distraction, for Hunter (Max Ehrich), than Norrie (Mackenzie Lintz). Lily had her own baggage; but, for now, Hektor seems intent on carrying it. I’m sensing shades of Lost (Ben-Alex-Danielle), here; but even so, Lost, at that point, would still be something for UTD to aspire to.

Since mirror reflection only seems to relay Kinship status to members, Barbie had no real compelling argument for convincing Joe (Colin Ford) that he had gotten over himself; but convinced Joe, anyway. Between being suckered by Sam (Eddie Cahill), and this, if Joe gets played one more time, I’m writing him off as the resident smart guy. As it stood, he made the logical decision to stay & help bring the Dome down. Locally logical, anyway; as no consideration was given to the Kinship then being free to go global – something not to be overlooked, with a new Dome Queen on the way.

While it is entirely possible that a new Dome Queen could mean a new Dome (y’know, to maintain the show’s title, and all), the immediate local concerns were getting a little more pressing. Forget Dome calcification, Eva’s (Kylie Bunbury) maternal cravings were getting into glowing purple people eater territory, and every Central Casting caliber gal, in Chester’s Mill, seemed lined up for it. You’d think a mass grave would inspire more of a ‘just Sparta kick the wet nurse into the pit’ reaction, from Julia; but, again, it set up a Dark Horse rescue – this time, in the form of Norrie earning a new merit badge.

Barbie had the much tougher task of playing Eva’s dutiful mate, to her face; but even if intuition wasn’t one of Eva’s qualities, heightened by her pregnancy, she seemed to buy it. For some reason, however, we were given the impression that Julia thought Barbie’s act too convincing.

Is getting on with this body snatcher arc, without the exes-and-woes, too much to ask? I mean, we’ve already been asked to suspend disbelief, over a number of things, already.

It was bad enough having to ignore the question of having Hunter in their midst, when Hektor claimed the emo cure only causes Kinship dormancy; or the fact that no one thought to test the Aktaion treatment on Hunter, to at least appease Jim into trying it on Junior (Alexander Koch); but I still get the nagging feeling that there will be an effort to rehabilitate Junior. If his idea of convincing Joe was any indication, there doesn’t seem to be anything positive left for him to bring to the show.

This was the guy that became a Hand, and named the center of the universe, by his prescient mom (I know it’s what moms do; but still), after starting out the show as the resident psycho-stalker-killer. If the showrunners don’t plan on killing him, can his most-important-man-under-the-Dome status at least be revoked?

Well, just about every other annoying/ villainous main character has been rehabilitated (at least once); so maybe I should just wait and see what they do with Eva….

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