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TV Review: V (2010): Season 1, Ep.12: Red Sky

V (2010): Season 1, Ep.12: Red Sky is another example of Gregg Hurwitz and Scott Rosenbaum‘s good writing mingled with enormous plot holes once again. Beyond what was mentioned in 5 Things that will Hinder V (2009) from Succeeding, in a well-written V television series, none of the following would occur because it makes no sense. Red Sky should be renamed “The Moment of Great Contradiction”.

1.) Valerie Stevens (Lourdes Benedicto) gets taken by Anna (Morena Baccarin). Ryan Nichols (Morris Chestnut) does not  notify the other members of The Fifth Column and barges into a visitor’s center. This move opens him up to being tortured, questioned, and having his brain scanned for information about The Fifth Column.

2.) Valerie is about to deliver in a humongous room and Ryan leaves the room. Why? The room is huge, ten times bigger than a human delivery room. Why couldn’t he stand out of the way in some corner? In the open doorway? Human fathers do that all the time. They are in the room videotapping. Ryan knows Anna is tricky. Why would he let himself be separated from her at such an important moment?

3.) Access to the soldier birthing chamber by anyone with no security codes needed or special keys is allowed. BS! In Breach, for every section of the CIA, a code has to be input to gain entry. Then when you are in that section, you have to input another code to enter the rooms. On the V ship, people can just wander around haphazardly into classified areas. WTF! The goram rooms on the V ship do not even have guards posted around them (outside) or video surveillance.

4.) When Anna showed emotion, the best moment of the Red Sky, her second-in-command, Marcus (Christopher Shyer), should have immediately assumed command. Anna was no longer fit for lead. She was experiencing human emotion. By her own order, any V doing so was to be killed so how was she left in command? Plus, look what she did emotionally. She jumped the gun with invasion and showed the Vs’ true hand. Why didn’t Marcus stop her, like Riker would have done to Piccard before he made a tragic mistake? Bad writing by Gregg Hurwitz and Scott Rosenbaum, horrendous, rancid. This moment was such a enormous contradiction to the very rules the high commander, the Vs, and the show set for themselves.

5.) Anna can lay more eggs. The Fifth Column has not stopped that. They have not made her infertile.

Her rage is understandable but a true cold-blooded, logical V would have simply locked the ship down, chosen another male to mate with and laid more eggs. The new eggs could have been disturbed to separate ships all over the world and in orbit at random intervals in unmarked shuttles. When they hatched, they could have been brought back to the New York ship in the same fashion but with living humans aboard the shuttles so if The Fifth Column found out about the clandestine cargo, they would have to kill humans to destroy it.

What is your opinion on this waste episode and the season finale? What are your hopes for Season 2 of V?

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