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UNDER THE DOME: Episode 2.10: The Fall: TV Show Trailer & Clips [CBS]

Dean Norris Under the Dome The Fall

TV show trailer clips for CBSUnder the Dome episode The Fall. With the Zenith prodigals (plus & minus one) all back under the Dome, its time for some re-entry friction. First and foremost: the reunion between Pauline (Sherry Stringfield) and Big Jim (Dean Norris). While Pauline gets back into precognition-by-numbers, her childhood friend, Melanie (Grace Victoria Cox), not at all grown up, and making the moves on her son, Junior (Alexander Koch), may have raised the dead (that, or it’s just Junior being on the verge of doing something particularly stupid. Again).

Melanie gets her own nagging ghost, ironically enough, in the form of Sam (Eddie Cahill). This being the next step in Sam’s redemption story, or the first step towards a really twisted love triangle, between Melanie, and two diametrically aged guys still both her own age.

After Big Jim runs afoul of the Egg, it knocks him for a loop & calls for back up. This results in a stand-off, between Big Jim, and Joe (Colin Ford) & Norrie (Mackenzie Lintz), with a gun as the great unequalizer. Hardly heavy-handed, on Jim’s part, as he seems to embrace his inner handlebar mustache twirler. Of course, he outweighs them, combined, and could just take the Egg; but the inner mustache must be satisfied, it seems….

‘The Fall’ also features Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre, Max EhrichKarla Crome, Britt Robertson, and Nicholas Strong, and airs Monday, Sept 01, at 10:00 pm, EST, on CBS.

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