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UNDER THE DOME: Season 3, Episode 11: Love Is a Battlefield: TV Show Trailer [CBS]

Alexander Koch Dean Norris Under the Dome Love is a Battlefield

TV show trailer for CBS’ Under the Dome episode Love is a Battlefield. Okay, so I am now somewhat convinced that either A: the showrunners have given in to UTD’s ironic guilty pleasure appeal (Dome-tacular?), or B: viewers were suckered into thinking this show actually took itself seriously, from the beginning. I’d be giving them credit, in either case; but here we are.

If you could just get past the title, the trailer actually sells something of a wind-up pitch, towards the final outcome (even if I say “final” maybe more hopefully than I should).

It had been established that the Kinship has been more of a refugee outfit, than an invading force; so when Christine (Marg Helgenberger) speaks to Joe (Colin Ford) of working to prevent a repeat of her (Kinship) history, there may actually be a kernel of truth to it.

As for how any of that lends itself to the title, I suppose a lot of emotionally charged ‘meetings & discussions’ might have something to do with it. If Barbie (Mike Vogel) crossing measuring sticks with Junior (Alexander Koch) isn’t enough, there will be the somewhat sticky point of him dealing with his impending fatherhood – and the mother.

Yeah, Junior getting his, and Eva (Kylie Bunbury) going Monster Mom might just justify a little follow-the-bouncing-ball viewing party action.


‘Love is a Battlefield’ also features Dean NorrisRachelle Lefevre, Eddie CahillMackenzie LintzMax EhrichVince FosterAllie McCullochMegan KetchGia Mantegna, and Eriq la Salle. It airs Thursday, Aug. 27, at 10:00pm, EST, on CBS.

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