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UNDER THE DOME: Season 3, Episode 7: Ejecta: TV Show Trailer [CBS]

Mike Vogel Kylie Bunbury Under the Dome Ejecta

TV show trailer for CBS’ Under the Dome episode Ejecta. After dropping a pretty spoiler rich season preview on us, the trailer to ‘Ejecta’ seems to promise some specific delivery, from some of the preview’s more sensational elements.

We could be looking at a major twist, here, if it does, in fact, turn out that there has been some undeniable merit to the body snatching of Chester’s Mill. That, and the fact that viewers may have been suckered into rooting for the wrong team, this whole time.

Well, I’m not ready to buy that, just yet. I’m even making allowance for the trailer events to possibly be the wrath of Christine (Marg Helgenberger), somehow – after her efforts were rudely interrupted; but I’m mainly reserving judgement, until UTD demonstrates that it’s even capable of pulling off such a massive undertaking.

At surface value, at least, ‘Ejecta’ serves to further bond Barbie & Eva (Mike Vogel, Kylie Bunbury) – in the (literal) face of being on the wrong side of the Dome – as well as Jim & Julia (Dean Norris, Rachelle Lefevre) – as they bear witness to what may be the opening rounds, to this season’s first real crisis. Whether the Jim-Julia alliance holds up, after Julia’s apparent realization, remains to be seen. They have a history, after all.

‘Ejecta’ also features Alexander Koch, Eddie Cahill, Colin FordMackenzie LintzMax Ehrich, Tia Hendrick, and Eriq La Salle, and airs Thursday, Jul. 30, at 10:00pm, EST, on CBS.

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