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UNDER THE DOME: Season 3: What’s to Come (Spoiler Alert) TV Show Trailer [CBS]

Marg Helgenberger Under the Dome Alaska

Season 3 preview TV show trailer for CBS’ Under the Dome. On two consecutive occasions, CBS’ Extant series had released some fairly spoiler heavy season preview trailers. Well, now there’s reason to suspect some top level network exec logic, behind those airings, as Under the Dome seems to have followed suit.

The preview trailer briefly recaps certain key quotes & moments, but the balance of it is devoted to key quotes & moments to come – and by key, I mean these spoilers will spoil a whole lot, for anyone who hasn’t already figured them out… or still cares to get answers at broadcast pace.

As such, I won’t be going into any detail; but I would remind you, one more time, to watch at your own risk.

… On the other hand, some of you might want to get your interest, rage, or laugh on early; so go ahead… go on… you know ya wanna….

Seriously, though: spoilers.

Upcoming episodes of Under the Dome star Mike VogelRachelle LefevreEddie CahillKylie BunburyColin FordMackenzie LintzMax EhrichAlexander KochAisha Hinds, Eriq La Salle, Frank Whaley, Marg Helgenberger, and Dean Norris, and airs Thursdays, at 10:00pm, EST, on CBS.

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Source: EW

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