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Underworld Resident Evil Panel NYCC 2016

Screen Gems Releases New Trailers for Underworld: Blood Wars and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Screen Gems took center stage at Madison Square Garden during New York Comic Con to promote two films from their successful franchises: Underworld and Resident Evil. Both panels were filled with enthusiastic fans to check out what’s coming up for Underworld: Blood Wars and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Both featured a final trailer for the upcoming films as well as a chat with the director and cast of both movies. Fans were given an opportunity to speak with them during the Q&A and received some exclusive posters from the new films.

Underworld: Blood Wars Panel NYCC 2016

The event started with a new action-packed trailer for Underworld: Blood Wars, which comes out on January 6, 2017. After the trailer, the panel brought out director Anna Foerster and cast members Kate Beckinsale and Theo James. Being the main star of the franchise, Kate discussed what we can expect from her character in the new film. “The stakes are very high for Selene in this movie,” Beckinsale said. “She starts the movie at a very low ebb for her in life, and she kind of doesn’t give a s#!t, which I think is a good place for Selene to start.” Beckinsale also talked about what made her interested in coming back as Selene. “She starts the movie at the lowest she’s ever been at any of the movies,” she says. “And she kind of doesn’t give a shit.” James also touched on his character Thomas’ development since the last film. “He’s kind of tougher and rounder,” James said.

Being a fan of the franchise, Anna Foerster discussed how much the film interested her. She mentioned that working with the cast was what mostly excited her. She expressed that the action sequences and the supernatural elements of the franchise was what drew her into directing the next installment. “I think a big element of the Underworld world is there is this intrigue and there are these amazing characters,” the director said. Beckinsale commented about finally having a female director taking over the franchise and hopes this follows suit with other films. “I hope that in a few years the conversation of a female as a director being unusual will be unusual, too.”

Theo James Kate Beckinsale Underworld Panel

Talking about the world creation, James said that the new film would open Underworld into a new world filled with possibilities. He says it’s what fascinates him about the new film. “It broadens the world…You see people and their characters interacting in different environments.” Speaking of creation, Beckinsale said it was important for her to be much of the same character but also evolve in both her physical features and her style.

During Q&A, a fan asked Beckinsale how much she thinks she has evolved over the past six films. “She started out in the first movie as part of an army. She had a mentor. She fell in love. All that turned to shit,” Beckinsale explained. “This is a really big deal for her. I think she probably the closest to suicidal a vampire has got in movie history.”

Kate Beckinsale Underworld: Blood Wars Panel

One of the most interesting questions was regarding a potential crossover with Blade. “No. We had that idea. No,” Beckinsale said. The actress recalled that the crossover almost happened until Marvel brought the rights back. “They’re busy. They’re doing something with Blade.” So it looks like these two won’t be crossing paths anytime soon.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter later took the stage with their final trailer. The trailer gave some nice action sequences and gave us a tease of what’s to come for the end of this popular video game film franchise. Director Paul W.S. Anderson came on stage with the cast including his wife Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, William Levy, and Eoin Macken. The director started the panel with how the fans kept the franchise running for as long as it has. “It’s been an incredible, incredible ride,” Anderson said. “We wouldn’t be here without the fans.”

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Panel NYCC 2016

Anderson said that the new film would ultimately uncover the truth to Alice’s past and Umbrella Corporation’s true motives. He also said that this film ends Alice’s story that began in the first film. “This is the conclusion. We’re bringing it full circle. It’s coming back to where it all began,” Anderson explained. “It’s also a very emotional movie, bringing Alice’s story to a conclusion.” The director also said that the film would be a return to its scarier roots.

William Levy Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Panel NYCC 2016

With some new blood in the mix, both Macken and Levy talked about their excitement in being in this popular franchise. Levy said, “It has been a great franchise and for me to be a part of that, not only personally but for my career, it’s gonna be great.”

Milla Jovovich Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Panel NYCC 2016

Much of the Q&A focused on the female-centric nature of the Resident Evil films, with Jovovich talking about how important these films are to many females. Jovovich shared a touching story on a girl she met who told her that her films gave her inspiration in a country where society hasn’t been kind to females.  “I started tearing up when I invited her to set,” Jovovich said.

Anderson ended the panel saying that the film will be considered the best in the franchise and hopes everyone sees it when it comes out on January 27, 2017.

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