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V (2009): Canceled by ABC: Morena Baccarin, Elizabeth Mitchell

Morena Baccarin, V, Mother's Day

V (2009) has been canceled by ABC. The V remake TV series starring Morena Baccarin, Elizabeth Mitchell had been met with praise and dismay since its outset. V was about “an extraterrestrial race [who arrive] on Earth with seemingly good intentions, only to slowly reveal their true machinations the more ingrained into society they become.” The great season 2 finale, written about here: TV Review: V (2009): Season 2, Ep. 10: Mother’s Day and pictured here: V (2009): Mother’s Day: High Resolution Photos, spoke of the science fiction TV series that could have been, maybe not as great as Bablyon 5, Fringe, Space: Above and Beyond, the new Battlestar Galactica series, Firefly or Farscape but there was geek sustenance to be had. I have to give V writers Gregg Hurwitz and Scott Rosenbaum credit for the last episode, as I did in its review. They threw everything they had into the last episode and it showed.

Unfortunately, that same shine was absent from many of the other episodes during the series. Too many common sense oversights, too many blatant, astronomically humungous plot holes, some enumerated here: TV Review: V (2010): Season 1, Ep.12: Red Sky.

Some of the official reasons why V was canceled:

With ABC’s upfront presentation less than a week away, the network’s new boss Paul Lee opted for an out with the old, in with the new approach to slate for the coming season.

The second season of the alien-invasion remake starring Elizabeth Mitchell dipped to 6.9 million viewers, on average, reports Nielsen, though fans blame ABC’s scheduling.

As was mentioned in our Mother’s Day review, the end of Mother’s Day “reminded me of the cliff hangers left unanswered in the Season Two finale of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – entitled Born to Run.” If seems those were prophetic words. It’s too bad. I would have loved to have seen what Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell)’s response was to her son Tyler Evans (Logan Huffman)’s death and how Anna (Morena Baccarin) would use the doppelganger Lisa (Laura Vandervoort) in Season 3.

V also starred Jane Badler, Marc Singer, Mark Hildreth, Morris Chestnut, Roark Critchlow, Chris Bolling, and Jay Karnesand. For more V photos, videos, and information, check out our V Page. What do you think of ABC canceling V?

Source: Hollywoodreporter

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  • Freya

    I am very frustrated. That is just like ABC and new powers, not paying any attention to the fans. V has shown that it has mass appeal, and a lot of internet coverage shows that. It’s time execs move forward and look at the internet to see what people like. I do hope someone else sees this drop from ABC as an advantage and snatches up V, at least gives us one last season. Or, if we must like Farscape and Firefly, give us a wrap up movie. PLEASE.

  • ABC doesn’t care about fans, they care about ratings. Ratings bring advertisers and the ability to sell ad space at a higher quote. V wasn’t bringing in the ratings. It was a pure numbers decisions.

  • Sevenofgeorge

    This sucks. I never understand why networks tank good shows like V. What exactly is wrong with 6.9 million viewers? Sounds pretty good to me and I don’t understand how “out with the old” applies to V as the show has only been on for two seasons, though it was a reboot of the original franchise but hardly made it old. Sounds like BS to me and a convenient reason for ABC exec to push new crap down our throats as well as even more crappy reality TV. Sound great. I won’t be tuning in as I am thoroughly disgusted and am in a state of shock. How could they do this after such a cliffhanger finale? There better be some follow up movies or I’ll be really mad.

  • No movie guaranteed. The reason Firefly got one was because its DVD sales were insane. V does not have that foothold.

  • NutHouse2010

    ABC lost a viewer. With the cancellation of ‘V’, there is no reason to even look at the new fall lineup. I think the lost out on this one.

  • I only watched ABC for V and Detroit 187. Not that both of those shows are canceled, I will stick with Fox, FX, AMC, TNT, USA, Showtime, and HBO.

  • Nate

    Half the time I missed the show- due to inaccurate info given on ads! Half the time it wasn’t on or was preempted 🙁 It was one of the FEW GOOD SHOWS abc produces. I blame management.
    It sad when the been counters are more interested in the money side than actually making the viewers happy! Isn’t that part of the job description…oh well.. more false advertising I suppose.

  • I would watch the show on Hulu the next day for season 1 and at other places for season 2. I very rarely watched it on ABC.

  • Sonia Villalobos

    Esto es infame!! los aficionados estamos desepcionados y todo porque sus mediciones de audiencia son inpresisas. Yo vi V y no me contaron. No vuelvo a ve ABC.

  • You would think ABC would keep a show with “sand” like V on the air but they care about the numbers more.

  • Pernille

    I really liked the old show (saw it when I was a kid) so I was kind of nervous that they would screw this new one up, but I was pleasantly surprised and I’m very sorry that the show has been canceled. I was looking forward to the third season even though the effects could be better. Too bad to see a sci-fi show that appealed to a broader audience go without a proper conclusion. I hope that they sell the rights to someone else that will continue producing the show. P (from Denmark – the show had many viewers outside the US).

  • The effects could have been better but they were working with a limited budget.

    I would like to see what happens next but ABC is not going to give up the rights because that would probably include the Blu-ray and DVD rights as well. That’s gravy for ABC.

  • Kingsdaughter92

    I was really looking forward to the third season. It was the only show that I have actually managed to watch all of. Very disappointed to hear this.

  • Kingsdaughter92

    I was really looking forward to the third season. It was the only show that I have actually managed to watch all of. Very disappointed to hear this.


    I am SOOOOOOOO DISAPOINTED ! ! ! V Was a good show I enjoyed it and was eagerly awaiting the 3rd season, I live in the UK & the channel that started showing it ceased broadcasting after season 1, so I started to watch season 2 ONLINE, problem solved and now I went online to check when it was starting back up and DAMN gutted I really wanted and was anticipating how it was going play out , maybe if there is enough people who pester ABC then Fingers crossed here’s hoping I have even wrote to ABC from the UK to show this show is missed globally ! ! !

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