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VENOM: Alex Kurtzman Says Villain Film Will Go Dark

Venom Alex Kurtzman

Alex Kurtzman Hints on Direction of Venom. Alex Kurtzman dropped some hints on what kind of direction the Venom film will take once he’s on the director’s chair. When MTV News spoke with Alex, he said that he is still attached to make Venom.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 producer/writer said that he wants to go in a darker direction for Venom. “The idea is that you can do things with Venom that you can’t do with Spider-Man. Venom is the representation of every line that will get crossed. He’s a much darker character.”

In talking about the direction for The Amazing Spider-Man franchise, Alex thinks that Sony has it all set up due to the comics’ long history. “You know, Spider-Man has the benefit of having so many more movies than even some of the movies that have 2?s and 3?s in front of them from Marvel.” Alex also offered some advice on how The Amazing Spider-Man 3 should be handled. “I think as long as it keeps staying true to character, and true to who Peter is, and putting him in interesting and complicated situations, it’ll survive. Because it’s so beloved – everybody loves Spider-Man.”

The potential spin-off to The Amazing Spider-Man franchise was in the works for a few years but no release date was given which led to speculate that the project was cancelled. However, it seems that Alex Kurtzman is confident in making this film happen. Our only concern is that his and Roberto Orci’s screenplay for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 wasn’t good with critics and fans alike, so can he make up for that with Venom? The only good thing is that he won’t be involved with The Amazing Spider-Man 3 in the near future.

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