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Video TV Review: THE WALKING DEAD: Season 4, Episode 13: Alone [AMC]

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AMC‘s The Walking Dead Alone TV Show Review. This Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 13: Alone TV show review is in video form utilizing the trailer promo for the episode.

The Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 13: Alone‘s plot synopsis (spoilers): “Flashbacks show Bob (Lawrence Gilliard, Jr.) wandering on his own, finding shelter where he can, and drinking alcohol at night. One day, he is approached by Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Glenn (Steven Yeun). After asking him the three questions Daryl lets Bob join them, and they head to the prison.

Present-day, Bob, Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green), and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) are surrounded by walkers in the woods. During the struggle, a walker nearly bites Bob. After they fight off the walkers, Sasha tends to Bob, and they both see that the walker didn’t bite him, just tore at his bandages. A relieved Sasha embraces Bob, and the three later agree they must find a better place to set up camp.

Meanwhile, Daryl teaches Beth (Emily Kinney) how to track and use his crossbow. They approach a clearing, where a walker is feasting on an animal’s corpse. Beth attempts to get close to the walker to shoot it with the crossbow, but her foot gets caught in an animal trap. Daryl intervenes and kills it. The two come upon a graveyard overlooked by a large house. Daryl carries the injured Beth piggyback through the graveyard.

Maggie, Sasha, and Bob come upon the train tracks and see a sign inviting survivors to Terminus. Bob tells them about the broadcast he, Tyreese, Daryl, and Michonne, had heard over the radio during a supply run. Maggie demands that they go to the community, hoping Glenn might be there. Sasha disagrees, saying there might not be any other signs that Glenn could have seen. Bob sides with Maggie, and Sasha is forced to concede.

Daryl and Beth enter the funeral home at the graveyard. Beth immediately notices how clean the interior is, and Daryl assumes that someone is living in it. As they explore, they find numerous bodies dressed up, as if for a funeral. They search the kitchen and discover a fresh supply of food and drinks.

Maggie’s group set up camp. Bob asks Sasha where Maggie is, and Sasha responds she’s getting firewood. Bob asks Sasha if she wants to stop; she says she does. She explains she wants to survive, that Glenn is probably dead, and they need to stop at the first town they come across and set up residence on an upper floor. The next morning, Sasha and Bob discover a note from Maggie, saying she is going to Terminus and doesn’t want to risk their lives. The two decide to go after her.

As Maggie follows the train tracks, she comes across another sign for Terminus. A walker appears. She lets it approach her and easily kills it. She then cuts the walker’s entrails open.

Sasha asks why Bob has been smiling all of the time since leaving the prison. Bob responds that he is not alone, citing that he had been after his first two groups were wiped out, and he has finally broken that streak. They come across the walker Maggie killed and find a message she wrote for Glenn in the walker’s blood, telling him to go to Terminus.

Daryl carries Beth into the kitchen, and they begin eating, but stop when they hear noise outside. Daryl goes to the front door and finds a one-eyed dog on the front porch. He attempts to pet it, but the dog runs away.

In the middle of the night, Bob is awakened by the sound of a walker. Sasha is already awake and says that it has been making noise for around an hour. Sasha suggests Bob get rest so he can heal, but he is unable to. He instead asks Sasha why she thinks that Tyreese is dead, saying if Tyreese were alive, he’d go to Terminus, and she knows that.

Beth writes a thank you note to the person staying in the house for the food she and Daryl ate. Daryl suggests they can wait for the owner to return and try to live with them. Beth asks what convinced Daryl there were still good people in the world, and he just looks at her; after a pause she understands and responds, “Oh”. Before they can continue, they hear the dog barking again. Daryl tries to let it in but is attacked by a group of walkers. He holds the door and convinces Beth to leave through a window while he distracts the walkers. After leading them through the house and nearly getting cornered, Daryl manages to escape to the graveyard, where he finds Beth’s bag lying on the ground and sees a car leaving. He tries to follow it, but is unable to keep up.

Bob and Sasha come across an empty town besides the tracks, and Sasha tries to convince Bob that they should set up a camp. Bob refuses, and unable to convince Sasha to come with him, Bob gives her a kiss goodbye, and they part ways.

Sasha enters an old warehouse. She looks out a window and sees Maggie lying among corpses on the ground. Sasha accidentally causes the window to fall, startling Maggie and attracting a number of walkers. Sasha goes to help Maggie. Once they have finished dispatching the walkers, Maggie tells she had heard Sasha say that Glenn was likely dead, and says she is wrong. Maggie asks for Sasha’s help in reaching Terminus; Sasha agrees. They leave to catch up to Bob.

Tired of running, Daryl collapses and is soon surrounded by six heavily armed men. He jumps up and punches one of them, aiming his crossbow at his head. The men (who previously invaded the house Rick, Carl and Michonne were at) point their guns at Daryl, but Joe (Jeff Kober) gets everybody to lower their weapons.

Meanwhile, Maggie and Sasha catch up with Bob, and they continue their journey to Terminus. Elsewhere, Glenn discovers the signs leading to Terminus.”

The Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 13: Alone starred Norman Reedus, Emily Kinney, Lauren Cohan, Sonequa Martin-Green, Lawrence Gilliard Jr., Steven Yeun, and Jeff Kober.

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