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Walking With The Dead: THE WALKING DEAD Podcast S5E5 – Self Help

Michael Cudlitz The Walking Dead Self Help

AMC‘s The Walking Dead Self Help Review. Walking With The Dead: The Walking Dead Podcast: Season 5, Episode 5: Self Help is an audio podcast review in which FilmBook contributor Mike Smith discusses his reaction the latest episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead: Season 5, Episode 5: Self Help‘s plot synopsis (spoilers): “In several flashbacks, Abraham kills several men who have assaulted his family. Frightened, his family leaves while he’s asleep, and Abraham soon discovers they’ve been eaten by walkers. He prepares to kill himself when he encounters Eugene who is being attacked. After being saved, Eugene tells Abraham that he’s on a very important mission, an obvious lie used to enlist Abraham’s continued protection. In the present, a damaged engine in the church bus disrupts Abraham’s view, leading the bus to flip over when it collides with a car. The group escapes just before the bus bursts into flames, and they find shelter in a nearby library. That night, Eugene watches Abraham and Rosita have sex. He’s discovered by Tara, to whom Eugene confesses that he sabotaged the bus. When asked why he did it, he reveals his fear of being outcast from the group even if he were able to save the world. Tara reassures him that he is a friend, and that the group would never do that regardless of the outcome. She offers to keep his involvement in the bus crash secret. The next morning, the group locates a fire truck and is able to get it running. As they move the truck, a large group of walkers are released from the building it was parked against and begin attacking. Just as the group is about to be overwhelmed, Eugene uses the fire hose on the truck to mow down the walkers. As the group travels to the outskirts of town, they are forced to stop after spotting herds of walkers ahead on their route. Abraham pressures the group to move forward, while Glenn begs him to find another route. Refusing to comply, Abraham drags Eugene towards the truck, but when the rest of the group attempts to stop him, Eugene confesses that he’s not a scientist and that he sabotaged the bus. With the rest of the group standing in shock, Eugene explains that he used his intelligence and his ability to lie to convince Abraham to lead him to Washington, which he believes is the best possible place of survival. An enraged Abraham punches and knocks out Eugene, who is badly hurt after slamming into the road. Stopped by Rosita, Abraham walks away and collapses to his knees shortly after in shock and disbelief.”

The Walking Dead: Season 5, Episode 5: Self Help starred Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, Michael Cudlitz, Josh McDermitt, Christian Serratos, and Alanna Masterson.

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