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AMC‘s The Walking Dead JSS Review. Walking With The Dead: The Walking Dead Podcast: Season 6, Episode 2: JSS is an audio podcast review in which FilmBook contributor Steven Bueno and his team (Kristian Cabrera) analyze and discuss their thoughts about the latest episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead: Season 6, Episode 2: JSS‘s plot synopsis (spoilers): “In a flashback, Enid’s parents are killed by walkers while trying to jumpstart a car. Locked in the car, Enid cries as she watches the walkers devour her parents. She escapes and wanders the woods alone, foraging for food and killing walkers. She repeatedly writes the letters “JSS” in tortoise bones, dirt and dusty windows. Enid eventually stumbles upon Alexandria’s gates. She starts to walk away, but seeing “JSS” scrawled on her arm, changes her mind and goes inside.

In the present, Carol collects ingredients from the pantry. Shelly Neudermeyer complains about wanting a pasta maker. Carol snidely comments that Mrs. Neudermeyer should be more concerned about her cigarette habit. Carol returns home, where she sees Sam, and coldly tells him to get over Pete’s death. Jessie tries to give Ron a haircut, but gets into an argument with her when she tells him she doesn’t blame Rick for Pete’s death, and he storms out. Meanwhile, Maggie takes Deanna outside the walls to help with expansion efforts, and urges Deanna to get past Reg’s death and become Alexandria’s leader again. Eugene and Tara head to the infirmary to meet Denise, Alexandria’s replacement doctor. Denise confides in them that she never finished medical school and isn’t certain she can fill the role. Carl takes a walk outside and sees Ron and Enid sitting together before being asked by Father Gabriel for self defense lessons. While reluctant, Carl agrees to teach him how to wield a machete.

As Carol prepares a meal, she looks outside to see Shelly being killed by a Wolf. All of a sudden, Wolves scale Alexandria’s walls and kill any Alexandrian they come across. As panic ensues, Carol quickly arms herself and kills several of the attackers, before disguising herself as a Wolf. In the tower, Spencer sees a truck approaching the gate and fires on it, killing the driver but inadvertently activating the truck’s horn. He goes down to shut it off and runs into Morgan. Spencer informs Morgan of the Wolf attack, but is too scared to fight. Maggie arrives and leaves Deanna in Spencer’s care before joining the battle. Inside the town, Carl fortifies himself inside his house with Judith. Enid comes by, expressing her intention to abandon Alexandria. Carl convinces her to stay, and then rescues Ron from a Wolf. Jessie kills a Wolf to protect Sam and Ron. Morgan meets up with Carol, and realizing that the Wolves have no firepower, they head for the armory in order to prevent the Wolves from looting it. Morgan breaks off to save Father Gabriel and Carol continues alone. Carol secures the armory and distributes guns to the surviving Alexandrians. She executes a Wolf that Morgan had taken prisoner, and Morgan openly disagrees with Carol’s belief the Wolves must be killed. Morgan separates from the group again and runs into another group of Wolves, led by one of the Wolves he had previously encountered. Morgan convinces the Wolves to retreat by pointing out that the Alexandrians have guns and they do not.

In the aftermath of the battle, Rosita and Aaron kill several Wolves, and upon inspecting one of the corpses, Aaron finds his pack and realizes the Wolves found Alexandria because of him. In the infirmary, despite her best efforts, Denise fails to save Holly, who was brought in during the attack. She tells Tara and Eugene that she wants to be left alone, with Tara reminding her to destroy Holly’s brain. Meanwhile, Morgan is ambushed by the other Wolf he had previously encountered. The Wolf taunts Morgan for not killing him when he had the chance, but Morgan subdues him. Carl finds a farewell note from Enid: “Just Survive Somehow.” Later, Morgan and Carol encounter each other on the street, refusing to acknowledge each other as they pass.”

The Walking Dead: Season 6, Episode 2: JSS starred Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, Danai Gurira, and Lennie James.

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