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WARCRAFT (2015): Duncan Jones Promises a Great Video Game Based Movie

Duncan Jones World of Warcarft Movie

Intriguing details about the Warcraft film have been revealed. The story of the highly expected video-game based motion picture will depict the initial contact between the fictional races of orcs and humans and will treat both sides equally, as well as many legendary heroes of the franchise.

It has been announced that the main characters of Warcraft (2015) will be Andoin Lothar and Durotan, two key figures in the history of Warcraft lore. Undoubtedly they have been selected in order to grasp the attention of fans of the game. They are two characters which have been frequently glorified in all the games but have never been depicted in person. According to the new information, Warcraft will be exactly what it should be – a visually powerful cinematic experience of a magical world torn by war, in which we will be able to take sides with either the Alliance or the Horde, much like in the World of Warcraft game itself.

The setting of the film will be the Eastern Kingdoms of Azeroth, which means we will see plenty of castles, beautiful forest landscapes and magnificent, gorgeous, glorious cities. The newly released concept arts of the areas of Dalaran, Ironforge, Draenor, and Stormwind are genuinely breath-taking.

The Warcraft film has been highly expected and requested by fans ever since Blizzard begun their long sequence of masterfully directed cinematic shorts. The film has been developed and prepared for a long time and now apparently the company is really getting the job done right.

Many film-making specialists are attached to the project. Duncan Jones is a successful sci-fi director with two critically acclaimed feature films behind his back – Moon (2009) and Source Code (2011). Visual effects artist Bill Westenhoffer, who is also a two times Academy Award winner (most notable for Life of Pi), will craft the film’s computer-generated imagery.

Director Duncan Jones has drawn some truly intriguing comparisons. He mentioned that the film would be similar to the grittiness of Gladiator (2000), the seriousness of Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy, the visual splendor of Avatar (2009), and the plot complexity of Game of Thrones.

After the star of History Channel’s Vikings, Travis Fimmel, was confirmed in a main role, famous names like Colin Farrell and Paul Dano are being rumored to have joined the cast as well.

Duncan Jones didn’t fail with his last two fantasy endeavours and he is unlikely to do so now. The responsibility upon his shoulders is enormous. World of Warcraft is the greatest video-game event of all times and the most popular gaming franchise in the industry. Jones’ film is a new chance for the video-game inspired movie genre to be elevated to greater heights. The name Warcraft deserves a proper place in the world of cinema and so far Duncan Jones hasn’t give us a reason to doubt the film’s success.

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