What did you think?: Kick-Ass (2010)

Now that you have seen Kick-Ass (2010), what did you think of it? The highly anticipated is another in a long line of comic book adaptations.  Did Kick-Ass (2010), well, kick ass? Was it more hype with inadequate fulfillment (Watchmen) or did you walk out of the film with a big smile on your face (Iron Man)? As comic book adaptations go, how does Kick-Ass (2010) rank? Do you believe this film will get a sequel? Does it deserve it? I have seen the film and multiple superhero rules are broken constantly (our Kick-Ass Film Review will be up soon). Did you notice this? Were you able to suspend believe and go with the film, even its laughable, CGI climax? Leave your thoughts on Kick-Ass (2010) below.

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  • J.Crowe

    In all honesty, I liked the film up until the climax. The jet-pack lost it for me, as I don’t remember that in the comic.

    The sequel was 10x more beliveable.

  • I have only seen the first film in its entirety once. That jetpack part was idiotic and killed the entire film for me. It ruined the realism that the film had established up till that part.

  • J.Crowe

    Indeed, as free-flying (not attached to any chord) jetpacks have only been invented recently (to my memory), and only fly for 30 seconds. It’s also like having a bomb strapped to your back, and would not allow for dual chainguns.

    I do recommend the sequel tho, as it shows the repercussions of what they do, even going as far as to have the police start arresting them.

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