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Now that you have seen it, what did you think of Predators? No Predator film has topped the original film with Arnold Schwarzenegger, though the main protagonist in Predator 2 was well written. I heard in one of the clips for the film that they incorporated the music from the first film. Was it appropriate for Predators and the scenes it was involved in? Many of the characters seemed as though they would be given one showcase scene then killed off, never forming a cohesive team like in the first film. Was that the case in this film or was magic recreated? How was Adrien Brody‘s character handled? I heard he put on some muscle for the role. Leave all of your thoughts on Predators below.

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  • I would give the film 8/10. -1 for Brody not really filling the part and -1 for an inconclusive ending. Otherwise, good action, good story, and lots of excitement. I would recommend this one over the AvPs.-Mike

  • I would recommend this one over the AvPs as well. Far better than I was expecting. I would recommend this over Predator 2 as well. The ending was the weakest part but it made no season for the story. How is another hunting season starting in the middle of one in progress? I would love to read the original script for this film. Good action and the characters were not disposable, surprising. I am going to have to review it.

  • Klam0500

    It was certainly an improvement over the other predator sequels.

    The jungle setting was a welcome return.
    I quite like Brody as the alpha male, but though the rest of the mercenaries were less than memorable.
    In the first film of course everyone remembers Schwarzenegger's Dutch, but also Sonny Landham's “You ain't afraid of no man” Billy, and also the menacing looking Mac played by Billy Duke…….and let's not forget the film is over 20 years old.

    20 years from now, I somehow doubt that anyone but Adrian Brody's character will be talked about it, aside from a far too brief appearance by Lawrence Fishburne the other characters were………,well forgettable, and that is probably it's main weakness.

    I stand off between Brody and Fishburne would have made for a better viewing than the eventual twist that occurs with one of the other characters.

    Predators was entertaining enough but that said it was a little disappointing, given that we had to wait 23 years before Predator return to it's core roots.
    I certainly hope we won't have to wait another 23 years for the next instalment.


  • I pretty much agree with everything you had to say. The jungle setting, the improvement over the sequels.

    I do wish they had done more with Fishburne's character but thank god he and his character were in the film.

    I like the twist with the other character. I never saw it coming.

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