What did you think?: Shutter Island (2010)

Now that you have seen Shutter Island (2010), what did you think of it? After all the delays, was Shutter Island (2010) worth the wait? I read a few comments on another film website that partiucally gave away a surprise in the third act, I assume its supposed to be a surprise with those unfamiliar with the source material. Did you see the ending to Shutter Island (2010) coming? Did you leave the movie theater satisfied or were you better off staying how and watching Goodfellas again? From the commercials I could tell the film was beautifully shot but did the story match the visual presentation? Leave your thoughts on Shutter Island (2010) below.

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  • Shv

    Amazing. I loved it.

  • Lew1

    It was ok, but I saw the ending coming a mile off. I liked Goodfellas alot more but then they are different films. It sort of Reminded me of lucky number sleven in the fact that once you have seen the film you it’s not the same when you watch it again.

  • Unfortunately I read a post months ago that gave away the ending. The ending makes the film. I enjoy LNS. Great cast, loved the twists, and the ending.

  • Rhg64590

    After watching the film twice, once in the theater, and then later, on DVD, I liked Shutter Island, even less, the second time around. Mainly, for the reason that, the film itself didn’t really make a whole lot of sense. It starts to fall apart, halfway through it. It reminded me of the John Cusack film Identity, which also utilizes the same narrative device, where it turns out, that the central character is in fact crazy. In both cases, when you examine the film further, you find that this explanation doesn’t really make sense, and is deceptive and manipulative, to the point of being implausible. Leaving the audience with a dissatisfied feeling at the end, because they’ve just been had.

  • There are some loose moments in the film but the pros out weigh the cons for me. Great analogy with Identity.

    The inconsistencies are probably better in the book.

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